Complete Guide to Making Potent Cannabis Tincture

Cannabis is now mainstream. This appears undeniable, with weed delivery outperforming other industry. Folks use it in various imaginative ways, but tinctures have always been a mainstay. Since the earliest records of cannabis use, it has proven itself an effective method of consumption. For patients, tinctures offer therapeutic and preventative benefits. For recreational users, they promise potency.

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, tinctures are easy to make at home: You only need extract cannabinoids in an alcoholic solvent. Everclear is a popular choice, mainly for its high alcohol content and clarity of color. However, it is important to note that the higher the percentages of ethanol present, the more THC it will extract. This means higher potency, making it a point crucial to remember. 

Gathering Ingredients

You will need a few items to make cannabis tincture. Fortunately, all ingredients are easy enough to acquire, as is any equipment you might need. You likely have most of it in your kitchen cupboards already. You can search Google for “marijuana delivery near me” to find some potent buds if you do not yet grow your own. Gather these ingredients together before you start: 

  • 2 Ounces Cannabis Flowers, premium grade
  • Extra Cannabis Concentrate, kief- or hash- infused
  • 2 Cups Alcohol, highly concentrated
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Blender or Coffee Grinder
  • 1 Plastic Bag, sealable
  • 1 Eye Dropper, preferably glass
  • 1 Mason Jar, with lid
  • 2 Coffee Filters
  • 1 Measuring Jug, large
  • 1 Oven-Safe Dish, large
  • 1 Pair Gloves, latex
  • Cheese Cloth, single pack
  • Rubber Band
  • Small Funnel
  • Small Amber Bottles, as required

Preparing for Extraction

Before you can start the extraction process, you first need to get your weed ready for it. This involves grinding your buds, infused and not, before sealing them in your plastic bag and freezing for an hour. This cold treatment allows cannabis to retain its structure during extraction, and ultimately its beneficial properties too. After cold shocking your weed, you should bake it, like so: 

  • Preheat your oven to 235°F. 
  • Evenly spread your cannabis across your oven dish. 
  • Cover it with foil. 
  • Bake as is for one hour. Foil will reduce the risk of burning your weed, while also protecting terpenes and cannabinoids from cooking out. At just five degrees hotter, cannabinoids boil. The National Institutes of Health warns that this will affect potency negatively, as it will interfere with the normal process of decarboxylation. If your oven is unpredictable, be especially aware of this. You want to activate tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, and other cannabinoids. You do not want to lose them. 
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Extracting Cannabis

After baking for an hour, you can remove your dish from the oven. However, you still want to leave the foil covering it at this point. Only once cool to the touch do you want to remove the foil. This helps to retain structural integrity. When completely cooled, you can transfer your now-baked weed into your large Mason jar. At this point, you want to add alcohol, but you only want to cover the weed. No more. 

Now, you only need leave this concoction in your freezer for a week. Longer is always better, however. Experts suggest leaving this mixture freezing for at least six months. Every day, give the jar a minute-long shake. It helps to break the plant matter. It also enables even distribution of released cannabinoids in the alcohol. When ready to process it, after at least six months of freeze, life gets very exciting. 

Processing Extracted Cannabis

After waiting as long as you possibly can, you should then remove your jar from your freezer. Then:

  • Using another large jar, preferably glass, cover it with a double layer of cheesecloth. 
  • Pour the tincture through the cheesecloth. Using a funnel will make this easier and less messy. You want to filter the liquid from one jar into the other, removing all plant matter in the process. 
  • Twist the cheesecloth gently, squeezing it of all excess fluid. This liquid is precious and you do not want to lose any of it, even if it still appears murky at this stage. 
  • Unless you want to buzz, it might be wise to wear gloves. This mixture is potent and can absorb through skin. 
  • Thoroughly clean and dry your original Mason jars. Cover it with two coffee filters. Smooth them, tighten them, and secure them with rubber bands. 
  • Filter your tincture into the clean jar. Be slow about it. The result should look clearer and cleaner. 
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Using Your Tincture

After completing all of the above steps, your tincture should be ready for you to enjoy. To maintain freshness, portion it into smaller amber bottles. This will prevent too much airing of one jar and minimize exposure to light degradation. Store it in a cool, dry place. Experiment with dosage. Try a drop, then two, until you find your perfect dose. Note that smoking a joint can amplify these effects notably. 

Extra Point: Avoiding Alcohol

You do not have to use alcohol to extract cannabis. Alcohol works and it offers a number of benefits. However, glycerin also works and is easily available. You find it in olive oil, coconut oil, and various other fat-based oils. Further, glycerin is both safe for medicinal use and it is affordable. Moreover, it is rather customizable, so you can experiment all you like with it. 

For example, some folks enjoy Sativa strains during the day. Others prefer Indicas. You can increase cannabinoid levels to boost mood, relieve pain, or even help you sleep or stay awake. Options are near endless. Play around with your most favorite strains, as well as different doses. Label each bottle accordingly. Ultimately, you can have tinctures for different occasions, places, times, and even moods. 

Weed Delivery Los Angeles

Of course, a good tincture needs good weed. The law allows you to grow a few plants of your own, but most still rely on marijuana delivery in Los Angeles. You can find the latest, most potent strains, or if you are looking for your old favorites, you can find them online too. Weed delivery is available faster than you could get it yourself, and at increasingly better prices to boot. 

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