Concentration of THC Varies Among the Different Users of Cannabis

What’s THC? What are some facts about it? And how does its concentration vary from one marijuana user to the other? This blog will go in-depth on this quite controversial issue.

In its most basic, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is that little compound in cannabis that makes you really high, in other words, it is the primary psychoactive component in cannabis. The cannabinoid receptors have a psychoactive power because they are concentrated in the areas of your brain that store memory, pleasure, think and time perception.

By attaching itself (THC) to the aforementioned areas of the brain, it manages to affect, and in some cases even take control of a person’s concentration, coordination, time perception, memory and much more.

Now that we have successfully gained a better understanding of THC and its workings, it’s only cool to see some facts about it.

THC was discovered in 1964

Israeli Dr. Raphael Mechoulam first isolated and synthesized THC from its mother plant while he was still a postdoctoral student back in the early 60s.He noticed that the active compounds in morphine and cocaine had been isolated, but that of marijuana hasn’t been done. He went as far as breaking the law by obtaining marijuana from his friends in the police department.

THC protects and stimulates growth of brain cells

Against the popular belief that THC kills the brain cells, it has actually proven to have positive effects that not even the widely accepted recreational drugs have. Most recreational drugs are neurotoxic, meaning that they are not safe for the brain, but THC is actually neuroprotectant, meaning that it protects the brain cells from damage that might be caused by inflammation and oxidative stress.

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Chemicals like THC are in your body

Who told you that only marijuana secrets chemicals like THC? Raphael Mechoulam mentioned earlier, made a stunning breakthrough in 1992 after many years of searching for chemicals that are identical to THC. He and his team discovered anandamide, a molecule that’s one of the few cannabinoids being produced in different parts of the body. Anandamide regulates the mood, sleep, memory, and appetite just like THC.

It isn’t all about the high

If I told you I stoned, you will likely believe I am high, but interestingly, the THC doesn’t always have this effect on its own.

Most people know THC for its ability to induce euphoria or a high. While still in the cannabis plant, THC is actually in a state called, THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid). THCA isn’t really psychoactive, and that’s why you’ll rarely see recreational users taking cannabis raw. Medical cannabis users take it raw because THCA has a lot more therapeutic benefits compared to THC. Cannabis makes you high as a result of extensive storage; over time, small amounts of THCA converts to THC.

Now, does the concentration of THC vary among the different users? The short answer will be, Yes! But by going into detail, you will be able to see why the concentration of THC actually varies. We will be doing a little breakdown here, the users will be put in three different group.

The first-time stoners
Recreational stoners
Chronic stoners

First-time stoners

Stoners in this category have the least concentration of THC in their body stream. Compared to the other groups that will be mentioned later on, first-time cannabis users exhibit signs of impairment 90% of the time, but just as mentioned earlier, their THC blood level is way below the limit.

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Recreational stoners

Not all of us have a flair for regular intake of marijuana, but compared to first-time stoners, around 40% of recreational stoners still exhibit signs of impairment, while the THC level in their blood is standing around the middle marker.

Chronic stoners

Chronic marijuana users have a very high amount of THC in their blood, while not exhibiting any sign of impairment as their body has developed a tolerance for cannabis. Chronic stoners are also said to deal with residual effects of cannabis. Days and weeks after consumption, the THC stored in their tissues get released into the blood and urine; so for chronic stoners, they sometimes do not have to use marijuana for THC to be present in their blood.

THC doesn’t completely have a bad effect on you, and just as I mentioned, it has some of the best effects you’ll ever imagine. Potvalet is a cannabis dispensary that delivers to Santa Monica. You will also benefit from some other products they have lined up, products every pothead should have.

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