Cool Stuff to Do When Weed Makes You Sleepy

When Weed Makes You Sleepy

Some activities are better suited to Indica cannabis strains. The basic rule is that Sativa gives you energy while Indica helps you to relax and sleep, and as such, they are interchangeable for the day and nighttime use. Sativa offers a heady, cerebrally euphoric high, yet Indica has effects that are more physical. If you need a busy, active strain to get through the day, then Indica should not be a very, very last choice.

However, if you need a strain to make you sleepy, then you have a variety of different Indicas available. The higher its Indica percentage, the more tranquilizing its effects will be. Likewise, potent levels of THC will make the strain more psychoactive, making Indicas much beloved the world over for their lay about, lazy ways. Next time weed makes you sleepy, consider the following ideas for Indica activities:

Give In To the Munchies

Most Indica strains will give you munchies. One mouthful and next thing you know, the pantry is empty and you are still ravenous. One of the most favored things to do on Indica has been and always will be home dining. It does not matter what you make, it will taste great, and if you do decide to cook a feast, use all appliances with great caution and remember not to touch hot stovetops.

Saturate Yourself in the Tub

There is nothing better than climbing into a hot bath with some Indica for the company. Regardless of whether you prefer to shower or bath, you will feel much better afterward. Hot water relaxes the body’s muscles, and Indica does the same. The combination guarantees a luxuriously rewarding experience, and most have no trouble falling asleep straight after.

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Go To the Park

Relaxing in nature is very good for body and mind. Picnicking is a favorite pastime for Indica lovers, who enjoy the beauty of nature in a calm and comfortable environment. They also get to eat, which never goes amiss on these appetite-stimulating strains. Take a blanket with you, remember some snacks, pack a meal if necessary, and just lay back in the sun with a group of your best friends.

Binge-Watch TV Shows and Movies

Indica makes watching an entire series no big feat. You can binge-watch your favorite Netflix shows, catch up on popular choices, and spend the whole weekend just relaxing at home. Be sure to stock up on popcorn, and ready yourself beforehand. There is so much to watch these days that you will stay happily occupied until you are ready to rejoin the world.

Enjoy a Date Night In

Sharing is always the most fun, especially if your partner also loves Indica. Consider a cozy night in together. Prepare a romantic meal, stoke the fireplace, and just enjoy each other’s company. Indica can make romance especially tantalizing and intense, so try avoiding smoking on date one. Particularly potent Indica strains can cause unwarranted and unwanted anxiety for a first date scenario.

Climb into Bed

Sleeping is, without doubt, the very best thing you can do on a potent Indica strain. Since its purpose is to help you get shut eye, there is no reason to deny the urge. In fact, Indica is an effective treatment for insomnia and other sleep disorders, so you will get a full night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the new day. Most importantly, you will enjoy every second of it.

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Marijuana and Sleep

Cannabis has been helping people get rest for centuries already. Because Indica-dominant strains have sedative properties, they act as tranquilizers to relax the body and relieve all its aches, pains, and shakes. Patients use it for too many reasons to mention, but Indicas are highly effective at reducing neurological symptoms and muscular spasticity.

Marijuana and sleep share another important benefit: Indica strains in particular help patients stay still after major physical trauma or surgery. The necessity of sleeping and lying still is frequently non-negotiable when recovering from car accidents, violent crime, invasive surgery, and other types of trauma. A potent bud or two will relax you enough to allow your body the time it needs to heal.

Ordering Marijuana for Sleep in California

You can find potent Indica strains in any cannabis dispensary within the state of California. You can even order online weed delivery, and of the highest quality available too. All legitimate medical marijuana delivery services lab-test the products they send patients, and the best of them guarantee delivery in 45 minutes or less. If you want to relax at home or have trouble sleeping, then help is just an Indica puff away.

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