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There is a great buzz on the establishment of medical marijuana as a legal drug in the last 2 years. The movement of placing medical marijuana in a legal category has picked up significant momentum in recent years. The Drug Enforcement Administration says that marijuana is a drug and dangerous for health. Most studies have shown its positive effects on an array of conditions. Marijuana has healing properties for many diseases like glaucoma, arthritis, migraines, cancer and asthma. The legalization of medical marijuana or cannabis has gained momentum due to its health benefits. As everyone knows, marijuana is a drug, but after seeing its amazing benefits in treating glaucoma and cancer, the federal government has now pushed itself behind medical legalization in California. The federal government has approved Marijuana consumption for seriously ill patients.

cannabisWith the progression of legalization, the consumption of medical marijuana has increased as people have observed the healing properties for themselves. Just search the internet and you will see some of the amazing benefits of medical marijuana. Just open this link and read some stories of people who have actually benefitted with its usage: Some conditions like migraines, nausea, skin cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, brain cancer and breast cancer and lack of appetite etc. can be cured with the proper use of medical marijuana.


  1. A person named Andy Ashcraft recovered from pleural mesothelioma completely.
  2. Marijuana totally cured a baby who was suffering from the brain tumor.
  3. Michelle Aldrich says goodbye to cancer with the consumption of medical marijuana.
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The usage of medical marijuana has been legalized in around 32 states including California and districts of Columbia. Other states are also working on getting medical marijuana legalized and setting up their policies without the interference of the federal government. And most notably, in the near future, the federal government will allow these states to regulate the medicine. The process of approving medical marijuana as a legal drug started in 1990s and now with the passage of time, it has gained official value in many states. The ingredients found in cannabis or marijuana has many health benefits and this is the reason why the federal government is showing a favorable attitude towards legalization.

The Rohrabacher- Farr amendment of medical marijuana states that “Federal government will no more prosecute the patients who consume medical marijuana or cannabis for their well-being”. And as already discussed, those states where its usage has still not been legalized, have the full rights to make their own policy regarding its usage and federal government will not intervene in their decision. And patients suffering from various diseases will also feel safe to consume medical marijuana as they don’t have to be worried about being hassled by the government.

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  1. Avatar for Susan M Susan M February 5, 2015 / 2:47 am / Reply

    I strongly believe in the legalization of medical marijuana/cannabis mainly due to the mainly health benefits. Great article

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    Great article, very informative, this website does a fantastic job releasing up to date content, on the latest Cannabis news. Extremely impressed with the everything I have seen

  3. Avatar for Mary kom Mary kom February 22, 2015 / 6:27 pm / Reply

    Thanks for the medical marijuana news. keep updating the news. looking for the more nes about the medical marijuana.

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