Effective Ways to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Effective Ways to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Germination, or popping, refers to the process of a plant sprouting from seed. It is the first step you will ever take when growing your own cannabis garden. You can buy seeds from a myriad of sources, but they vary in quality. If quality and genetic diversity are important to you, which they should be, then online seed banks offer the most promise, and they will send it via regular cannabis delivery

When buying cannabis seeds, you want mature seeds, those dark brown with light accents and hard outer shells. Green, fresh seeds are still immature and not ready. According to NORML, the law allows you to grow six mature plants, so once you have seeds, it is time to prepare a grow space. It is advisable to plan your grow space, your time schedule, and your garden’s intentions before you buy your seeds. 

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Before you germinate any seeds, regardless which method you use, it is wise to let them soak in water overnight first. Place them in a glass filled with distilled or reverse osmosis water and then let them sit for 24 hours, even 36 hours. Viable seeds will sink to the bottom when ready for germination. Try dunking those still floating. If they sink, use the seeds. If not, throw them away. 

Paper Towels

For most people, paper towels are cheapest and easiest. After soaking your seeds in water, fold your paper towels into rectangles or squares, soak them in water, and then sit the now waterlogged seeds on top. Fold the power towel again gently to secure the seeds before placing it between two places or into a Ziploc bag. Cover with a towel and leave to sprout in a warm, dark area. 

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Wait at least 24 hours, but not more than 36 hours, and then check to make sure the paper towel has not dried out. If yes, wet it again. However, by now your seeds have likely sprouted and ready for their growing medium, but do not open the paper towels up until you are in a room with a green light. Light can damage the delicate new shoots, causing all sorts of growing problems later. 

Coco Coir or Jiffy Pellets

Coco Coir, or Jiffy, pellets are ideal for beginners. Using them is cheap and extremely easy. Soak the pellets in distilled or reverse osmosis water until they expand and feel saturated. Gently squeeze the bottom of each pellet until it closes about half way. This prevents the seeds from falling to the bottom, which would be a tragedy. When ready, place the waterlogged seeds into the hole at the top. 

Once your seed is correctly placed, sprinkle peat or coco coir gently over them. Do not press it down hard. Leave it loose and airy. Then, put your seeded pellets into a humidity dome or covered glass bowl with around 80 percent humidity. When your seedlings appear, leave them in the dome; just remove the lid twice a day to give them fresh air. Do not transplant until seedlings are around seven inches high. 


Soil is the age-old, tried and tested method of germinating seeds. Buy a quality soil for cannabis plants and fill several small, but sterilized, pots or containers with it. Make a plastic wrap to create a humidity dome, and water the soil until damp and springy to the touch. Using your pinky finger, make an indent about half a centimeter wide in the middle of the pot, roughly a quarter of inch deep. 

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Without touching the newly sprouted root, place your seed into this hole using micro tweezers. Make sure the taproot is facing down, and then lightly cover with soil. Slowly, so as not to move the seed, give it some water and then wrap it in plastic. Leave place between the pot and the plastic to create a humidity bubble and give seeds space to grow. Sit it under a warm light. It should sprout within a week. 


Using Rockwool is a great method for growing huge roots and buds, especially if you are using hydroponic systems. Buy a cheap mask and latex gloves for handling this medium. Soak 4-inch Rockwool cubes in distilled or reverse osmosis water until saturated, and then take them out of the water. Place your seed into the hole at the top of the cube, being careful not to damage the root if already sprouted. 

Cover it loosely with more Rockwool fiber and then let it sit in your premade humidity dome. Always make sure the taproot is facing down. When you see the seedling emerging, remove the lid of the dome and allow it to breathe at least twice a day. Keep both humidity and temperature at around 75 percent and 75 degrees respectively. When the seedling is about six inches high, it is ready for transplanting. 

Rapid Rooter

If you do not have Rockwool, then Rapid Rooter is your next best bet, particularly if used in hydroponic systems. It works the same way as Rockwool does, except unlike Rockwool cubes, it is suitable for use in soil mediums too. Place Rapid Rooter plugs into reverse osmosis or distilled water. Once saturated, remove to allow excess water to drain. Place waterlogged seeds into the top of the plug. Cover gently. 

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If using already sprouted seeds, place them taproot-side down into the hole, using micro tweezers to avoid damaging them. Cover them lightly too. Then, place seed Rapid Rooters into your humidity dome. When your seedlings start pushing through, leave them in the dome; just remove the lid twice a day to let them breathe fresh air. Only transplant when seedlings are between six inches and eight inches high. 

Vacaville Cannabis Delivery

Before you are ready to harvest your newly planted seeds, you can order vacaville cannabis delivery. The same is true should your crop fail. However, if you follow any of these germination techniques, then your seedlings will have a healthy start to life and there will less chance of crop failure. Of course, once your new plants get big enough, you will need to give them nutrients, check diseases, and keep them healthy.

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