Effective Ways to Relish Cannabis without Smoking It

Relish Cannabis Without Smoking

Every weed smoker knows about burning throat, harsh coughing fits, burnt fingers, and worse, but although these experiences proffer great memories of days gone by for connoisseurs, many these days prefer not to go through all that. Before you go looking for the best cannabis delivery dispensary in Los Angeles, other options exist. You do not have to smoke pot to relish in its widely diverse effects and benefits.

Not everybody wants to smoke. Furthermore, those with health issues, particularly compromised lungs, may have even had the choice. In fact, the stigma of smoking these days is actually preventing some folks from trying marijuana, even in legal states. Not to worry, though. Consumption methods are many in 2019, so there are plenty of options for health-conscious individuals ordering weed delivery:


Vaping is extremely popular these days. It is preferable to smoking for many since you do not actually burn any organic material, nor the toxins such actions release. Instead, vaporizers work by heating the concentrate just enough for it to release vapors, which also tastes better and is easier on the lungs than burning buds. The market has many different vaporizers on offer, all with different features and settings.

You get portable vaporizers, ones that live on tabletops, even ones with advanced heat control settings. There are pricy ones, cheap ones, and all sorts of varying quality. However, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, vaping stimulates a greater therapeutic response to cannabinoids. The effects are much more potent than smoking flowers, and they last notably longer too.

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Cannabis-infused edibles, often called medibles, are an obvious choice for non-smokers. The variety of medibles in the industry is already huge and growing, but you can now make your own cannabutter at home easily. This makes it possible to infuse your favorite marijuana strains into any dish that calls for even trace amounts of fats, such as butter or oil.

However, edibles can prove an intensely psychoactive method of consumption, especially if you get your dosing wrong, which is very easy to do. This is wonderful for some folks, but not all. Additionally, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the effects of eating cannabinoids can take an hour or more, since they pass through the digestive tract first, which causes some unnecessary wastage too.


Cannabis oils, another ingestible method of administration, are also incredibly potent. They include any marijuana extract that you swallow, such as those that come in plastic applicators and capsules. You can either swallow cannabis oil directly, like soft gels, but most prefer to add them to the menu, which works much the same as edibles do. Just a few drops directly in food or drinks.

However, like edibles, cannabis oils offer both significant promise and challenge. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, they also take a long time to process, having to go through the digestive and metabolic systems first, before they enter the bloodstream and you feel their effects. For recreational users, this may not be important, but for patients needing fast relief, it certainly is.

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Tinctures promise another fast method. Called sublingual delivery, you apply a drop or two under the tongue and hold it there for 40 seconds or so. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, mucus membranes quickly absorb THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, sending them directly to the bloodstream and avoiding first-pass metabolism. This means that you do not have to wait long to feel its effects.

Effects are fast-acting, long-lasting, and you have incredible dose control. Most tinctures come with accurate droppers included. You have choice from a variety of different potencies, flavors, and even cannabinoid profiles. It is even possible to find tinctures that tell you which flavonoids and terpenes are present. You can find tinctures for every occasion, mood, and even medical need.


The cannabis market has a diverse array of topicals on offer. You can find ointments, balms, bath salts, creams, salves, and all kinds of marijuana-infused lotions and potions. Many scientific studies are proving topically applied cannabinoids helpful in treating skin issues, inducing calm and relaxation, and even treating inflammation, pain, stiffness, wounds, and more by providing targeted local relief.

However, topical cannabis products will not make you “high.” The dermis does not allow penetration of substances into the bloodstream. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, transdermal patches are the only topical products that can break through the skin-blood barrier, but then they have a different function to most topical applications. If you want a “topical buzz,” buy transdermal patches.

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There are other ways to enjoy cannabis without smoking it, or technically anyway. Dabbing is another method of inhaling, but not marijuana smoke. Instead, you inhale vapors, much like vaporizers, just with a more complicated rig setup. You can find so many different marijuana products and ways to experience them when you order weed delivery in Los Angeles. The only way to know is to try them all.

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