Effects of Weed on Your Daily Workout

Effects of weed on Health

The latest trend among exercise fanatics is controversial. More people are smoking pot before each workout routine. This seems more than far-fetched. The very idea appears counterproductive. Those that do it, however, are reaping the rewards. Yes, we are talking about effects of weed, the same psychoactive stuff that singes lungs, watery eyes, causes giggle fits and leaves you with vacant stares.

Cannabis and Its Effects on Exercise

It turns out that a pre-exercise toke promises a highly effective way to maximize your workout. Not all pot lovers are couch potatoes beloved by pizza outlets. Some are dominating your aerobic classes. That rippled man at the gym probably smoked a blunt before doing those 250-pound squats. That unbeatable treadmill woman likely also loves weed. They could all be stoners. You just do not know it.

So why all the brouhaha? Why are so many professional athletes using cannabis to boost their performance? Now that legalization is allowing scientists to study the effects of weed, studies are proving anecdotal evidence correct. Research suggests that cannabis has a hugely positive effect on physical exercise. Here are five ways it does that:

1. Reduces Anxiety

Every workout fanatic knows how it feels to arrive home from a day of hard work and somehow still muster up the enthusiasm to complete a workout. Many fail. Pre-workout anxiety is common and it stops many from achieving their fitness goals. You may worry about looking silly on gym equipment, not knowing which direction to run, or even letting your sports team down because you are not up to it.

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This type of anxiety is a recipe for failure. It will keep you at home. Fortunately, science shows that marijuana can motivate you before a workout. If you smoke a joint beforehand, it will amp you up and make you ready to tackle whatever is making you so anxious. Some strains, Sativa in particular, can give you an energy boost, as well. However, avoid Indica strains, as they may put you to sleep.

2. Stimulates Metabolism

Athletes spend a great deal of time and money on trying to boost their metabolism. An increased metabolic rate helps to solidify exercise results, avoid obesity and prevent diabetes. Cannabis proves the most effective way to do this. According to GW Pharmaceuticals, a drug giant from Britain, both THC and CBD raise metabolism, reduce cholesterol, and speed up fat loss.

Furthermore, the American Journal of Epidemiology published a study in 2011. It found “the prevalence of obesity lower in cannabis users than in non-users.” The American Journal of Medicine corroborated that in a 2013 study, finding pot users with 17 percent less insulin resistance than those who do not use it. It also found “significant associations between marijuana use and smaller waist circumferences.”

3. Enhances Sporting Skill

Instead of causing listless stupor, many sportspeople claim that consuming pot before sporting events improves their skills. In speaking to Men’s Journal, veteran triathlete Clifford Drusinsky credited marijuana for his nine major triathlon placings in 2013. He told the interviewer that he takes 20 milligrams of THC half an hour before training every morning, in a tasty energy bar.

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When the buzz hits, he is doing an hour swim, a three-hour bike ride, or running 13 miles at a time. “Marijuana provides me relaxation and meditation. “When I get high, I train smarter and focus on form.” He is not alone. Other athletes report the same. Some are able to train for longer, while others find it puts them in the right state of mind.

4. Relieves Workout-Related Pain

Stiffness and other pain can be more than just distracting. It can stop you from training altogether. Marijuana is a proven painkiller. Many people perform much better after consuming cannabis, simply because of the way it reduces minor and serious pain, as well as feelings of fatigue. Research agrees with this theory. The journal Advances in Psychosomatic Medicine published a study in 2011.

It says, “There is strong evidence for a moderate analgesic effect in peripheral neuropathic and central pain conditions.” Another study found that consuming THC orally, in tablet form, made it notably easier for people to tolerate their pain better, instead of actually reducing pain intensity itself. Perhaps it is all in the head, but billions of people worldwide are treating all types of pain effectively with marijuana.

5. Improves Focus

If you do not enjoy exercise but have body-sculpting ambitions, then cannabis can boost concentration and get you into the “workout zone.” This is especially true for sports with repetitive movements, such as running, cycling or swimming. Many long-distance athletes use marijuana beforehand to improve their stamina, claiming it promotes a “steady, rhythmic zone for maintaining competitive speed.”

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This means that cannabis can play a crucial role in helping you achieve the level of focus needed for the exercise at hand. If you quickly find yourself bored during a run, having a quick hit may just be what you need to shake the pavement faster and longer. It may never enter your mind to use a psychoactive substance for help, but the facts speak for themselves and most athletes credit it for their stamina.

Monterey Weed Delivery for Exercising

You do not have to smoke weed before a workout to reap its rewards. You can also eat it or vaporize it, which may be healthier options. Most serious athletes in Monterey, in all of California actually, order weed delivery to ensure they have what they need to train and perform well. Buying cannabis online exposes you to more products available anywhere else,

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