Enlightening the Masses: Marijuana Education for the Upcoming Elections in California

Marijuana Education for the Upcoming Elections in California

California ranks first in terms of population out of the five states that are on the verge of legalizing the regulated use and sale of recreational marijuana. The state passed the proposition on the use of medical marijuana in the past and will be looking forward to make the general use of marijuana legal. New changes and development are anticipated with the voting based on Proposition 64. Maybe, the most important thing for the masses to know is what is contained in the proposition. Ideally, Proposition 64 contains somewhat similar issues as proposed by other states.

What provisions are made in Proposition 64?
Before anyone can claim to like or dislike Proposition 64 on marijuana, here is a list of items that are contained in it:

If passed, adults of the age of 21 and above will be allowed to posses up to an ounce of marijuana flower or 8g of wed concentrates

Individual cultivation will be allowed for up to six plants of cannabis

the industrial cultivation of hemp

As of now, there are pending issues that may be decided upon by the state upon the passing of the proposition and this has to do with taxation. Essentially, the process of taxation and apparatus of regulation would be somehow more complex than is the case in other states.

Why should marijuana be legalized?
Well, the next stop after reading the Proposition 64 would be on the need to legalize the herb. A voter may ask themselves this important question and ideally part of the answer has been provided in the past: for medical reasons. The thought would be, if it is good medicine, why not make it legal for use even for recreation purposes? However, this must be done through a very well-managed and controlled framework.

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What people should know about marijuana!

Addiction – There is nothing much that can be said about the addiction tendencies in the use of marijuana. Yes, it is addictive and voters need to know that. That is why proper control and regulation is paramount. Experts say that the conditional chance of dependence is nearly 9%. Like-to-like comparisons have pegged methamphetamine and cocaine at 15% and heroin being the most terrible with a value between 25 and 45%. About 32% of people mostly aged between 19 and 28 years have been found to take marijuana annually. The rate of addiction however, relies on the number of people who are consuming it. Once legalized, it is expected that the addiction number will increase but by what number, that can only be established once the proposition passes.

Generally, between 5-6% of seniors in high school use marijuana on a daily basis across the United States. The number is expected to be much higher for California, which is among the leaders in the use of marijuana in America

Addiction to marijuana is as real as other substances such as tobacco. The frequency of withdrawal symptoms and the harshness of such symptoms compared between tobacco and marijuana users produced indistinguishable results.  Many people know of nicotine dependency that is at a higher rate, maybe more than 33% due to be availability. Owing to the similarities experienced here, marijuana-dependency could record same values.

Marijuana has also been found to impair cognitive and other behavioral functions when abused. Therefore, it is important to know what regulations have been put in place and adhere to them strictly. Failure to hold on to this, there are dire consequences that await such people as would be found misusing marijuana.

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Different people have different experiences with the use of marijuana. Therefore, predictions on the effects can be done based n general trends. Ideally, the evidence coming from the use by one person is not enough to make generalizations of some sort. The fact is, a personal experience is not enough to tell it all.

There is a lot to learn about marijuana and its use. However, the most important thing to note is that, the use of marijuana is an area that is still developing and there is more to that lies in wait. There are quite a number of things that we simply can’t tell concerning this herb. Any particular scientific research is limited to the manner in which it was generated. This doesn’t mean that all hopes are dashed but what it means is that, it is important for all to think about marijuana and how best it can be used.

Even before going to cast the votes in the upcoming elections in California, reading over the provisions made in the Proposition 64 would be important.  Essentially, there is a fair bit of good investment of the state’s tax revenue collection through the activities the state has sponsored. It answers some of the concerns highlighted here in a better way even what seems so obvious. This is a positive look but the extent to which things will happen remains unknown.

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