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With marijuana now legal across California, getting your hands on some remains an overwhelming endeavor, especially in Santa Barbara. There are so many Cannabis Dispensary in Santa Barbara scattered across town, some selling weed only and others exclusively recreational pot. Still, others sell both. How do you know which stock the best quality, the nicest selection of products, and offer a premium service?

Use Licensed Dispensaries in Santa Barbara

Despite weed being legal in California now, illegal pot remains readily abundant. The trouble with backstreet marijuana is the zero accountability for the product you receive. It likely contains harmful residues and contaminants, including pesticides, heavy metals, and other dangerous chemicals. The law regulates licensed dispensaries, ensuring you get only the highest quality, laboratory-tested cannabis.

According to the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, the law requires anyone involved in the cannabis industry to comply with many rules that ensure consumer safety. You want premium-grade marijuana, nothing less. You want it tested, rich in cannabinoids, free of toxins, and compliant with health laws. So how do you go about finding dispensaries that sell the best?

Search Online

You can search for several reputable websites dedicated to listing cannabis dispensaries in your area. WeedMaps, Leafly, and Where’s Weed are some of the most popular, with a large database of stores statewide. Simply type Santa Barbara in the search tool and make a note of the dispensaries closest to you. Once you have several, you should investigate them a bit more thoroughly.

Read Reviews

It is important to check the reviews of each dispensary on your list. What others say about a dispensary can give you valuable insight. Learn from their experiences. If most customers leave great reviews and are happy with the store, then you will likely have an enjoyable adventure too. However, if feedback is more negative than positive, then consider that a huge warning.

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Ask People

Word of mouth remains the most effective form of advertising. It is always wise to ask others experienced with the California cannabis scene. Join forums, groups, pages, and anywhere you find other weed enthusiasts engaged in the community. Having this type of support ensures you always have advice, help, friends, and yes, even directions to the best dispensaries.

Check Compliance

To get the best weed, you need to source it from someone accountable for the weed that he or she sells. At the corner dealer, you get what you get without refunds or quality guarantees. A licensed dispensary must comply with lengthy regulations to keep its license. These include safety tests, such as laboratory analysis, cultivation rules, and much more. You know exactly what you get, guaranteed.

Visit Website

A website can tell you much about a company. Is it professional? Does it guarantee its products and services? Does it have help available? If there are broken links, missing pages, spelling mistakes, or worse, that may well be a big red flag. If the information is easy to find and abundant, help willing and able, links working, and pride obvious in its reputation, then the company is more likely legitimate.

Get In Touch

The best way to find a quality dispensary is to contact them directly. Ask for advice via the website’s contact page and see what response you get. If a reply is swift and helpful, then keep that dispensary on your list. If not, rather scratch it off. Many fraudsters are successful online. Contacting them directly is one of the easiest ways to identify them early and avoid them.

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No matter how much research you do and advice you receive, the only real way to find the best dispensary for you is to try a few out firsthand. If you do not like what you see or feel uncomfortable in a particular store, you can just find another and never go back again. Of course, it helps to have some knowledge about cannabis before visiting any dispensary, but you will still need to shop around.

Final Thoughts

The City of Santa Barbara lows cannabis stores to operate freely within its borders, provided they hold valid licenses and comply with health and safety regulations. Consumers must have peace of mind when they buy marijuana, especially when using it for health or medical reasons. So much weed is growing now in California, not all of it under safe practices. Licensed dispensaries remain the healthiest option.

Consumers have an abundance of choice when it comes to acquiring weed in California. Sifting through them all can become overwhelming fast. With so many laws and debates occurring in the cannabis industry, it confuses all and sundry. Just remember: Do not transport cannabis across state lines in your search for the best dispensary. Stay within your area and only ever use it responsibly at home.

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