Five States with a Cannabis Ballot This November

Five States with a Cannabis Ballot This November

This year has been trying for every person on earth during these times. In the United States, COVID-19, the sweeping coronavirus, is costing jobs, lives, and entire ways of life. However, even in this madness, voters must still make their mark come November. They must decide on a leader for the next four years. Some states have more to think about this year. Some are finally contemplating legalizing weed.

Whether for medicinal use or for recreational fun, more and more states are joining the fray and legalizing cannabis. Marijuana delivery is legal therapeutically in two-thirds of the country already. By the time these elections end, medical pot may well be legal in another two states, with possibly four more potentially allowing its use recreationally too, among consenting and responsible adults, of course.

These five states are facing the cannabis question on this year’s ballot:

1. New Jersey

In the first quarter of 2019, New Jersey seemed mighty close, at legislative legal, to legalizing weed. However, a late push for specific reforms in social justice derailed momentum for approval by legislature. Called Public Question 1, voters will be either for or against the possession, use, production, processing, and sale of recreational pot, being any person legally an adult, the age for which is 21 years.

Companies stand to benefit hugely from commercial legalization of marijuana. According to the Motley Fool, those such as TerrAscend, Curaleaf, and other multistate operators intend generating around $1 billion in annual sales by 2024. Polls seem to indicate massive support for legalization at all levels and in all demographic groups. Legalization seems imminent. New Jersey was the first to put it to ballot.

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2. Arizona

Proposition 207, Arizona’s adult-use marijuana measure, also looks likely to pass without question. It will allow anyone 21-years or older to possess and use weed. It will also require the Arizona Department of Health and Human Services to regulate the industry and add a 16 percent tax onto its sale, along with already existing taxes. Arizona tried legalization in 2016. Its Proposition 205 did not gain enough votes.

Now, however, legalization is inevitable, some think. Some surveys suggest supporters outnumber naysayers almost double-to-one. Companies, as Harvest Health & Recreation, the biggest multistate cannabis producer in Arizona, will benefit, even regain some of its aggressive plans for expansion. It did not have the best COVID-19 year, like most companies. The market looks promising for cannabis.

3. Montana

Montana, possibly the least likely to vote on cannabis reform in many minds, will actually have two questions on their ballot. Montana CI-118 would amend state constitution to allow legislature to set a legal age for the possession, use, and purchase of weed, which would be 21 years. Measure I-190 has similar aspirations, and many others. Ultimately, they both ask to legalize adult-use weed.

I-190 seeks to legalize recreational use for anyone 21-years and older, impose a 20 percent tax on pot sales, and require the Montana Department of Revenue to regulate cannabis laws for businesses. Further, it will overturn and expunge previous marijuana convictions, particularly those related to currently incarcerated individuals, and seek resentencing in some cases. Polls suggest a close race.

4. South Dakota

South Dakota, according to the Motley Fool, will make history this November. It will become the first state ever trying to pass both a medical and a recreational question on the same ballot. Measure 26 would allow proven medical patients access to a state-run medical pot program. It would authorize the South Dakota Department of Health to amend medical conditions as it deems fit.

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Constitutional Amendment A, however, would legalize cannabis recreationally and commercially. It would impose a statewide 15 percent tax on legal sales. The South Dakota Department of Revenue would issue licenses, and the State Legislature would draft medical and industry regulations quickly. Support is high for legalization countrywide, even in typically conservative states like South Dakota.

5. Mississippi

Mississippi is putting its medical marijuana question on its ballot in two parts. Voters will vote either for or against the legalization of cannabis for therapeutic purposes. Medicinally. They will also choose between Initiative 65, which taxes medical sales and allows for 20 qualifying conditions, or Alternative 65A, which allows only terminally ill folks weed, and adds much harder restrictions for other patients.

There does not appear any question relating to recreational weed on Mississippi’s ballot. However, support for therapeutic cannabis is extremely high across the United States. It is very likely that voters in the Magnolia State will legalize it for patients. For recreational users, the wait might prove notably longer. At least not until the next election in another four years’ time.

Marijuana Delivery Santa Monica

No matter where you are in California, you can type “weed delivery near me” into your preferred search engine and find several reputable options. Marijuana delivery is popular in weed-friendly states, deemed essential for medical patients. For those living in states that have yet to legalize, the tide is turning. Momentum for its support is growing. It will soon be legal everywhere, even in your state.

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This year, these five states are likely to join the growing list of other states with liberal weed laws. Legalization is spreading, and not just beyond California to the rest of the United States, but across the world too. For now, if you live in the Golden State, weed is widely and legally available, both medicinally and recreationally. You can fetch it yourself or have a qualified driver deliver it direct to your doorstep.

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    Wow! Going to be federally legal shortly

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    Good news!

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    Good read! Will be federally legal soon

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