Ford Fusion : The New Marijuana Drug Mule?

Marijuana in Ford Fusion

If you have ever scanned through the daily weird news, you are sure to come across a story about marijuana. More specifically, news about marijuana being hidden in some interesting places. Most recently there has been a large marijuana bust involving none other than Ford Fusions.

It is almost laughable to think about this basic car being used as a way to conceal marijuana. You would think with such a booming marijuana business, they would find a car with more style. But, maybe that is the point. When you think about it, who would drive a ford fusion? The answer is mostly college students of blue collar workers. Certainly not drug kingpins or titans of the cannabis industry.

It’s the same old story of hiding something in plain sight. Recently there has been over $1 million dollars worth of marijuana found in a slew of new Ford Fusions. This discovery was made at a local dealership in Ohio. This may be surprising because Ohio isn’t well known for the marijuana trade. So, how did this come to be? While an investigation is still underway, there have been talks of a connection to the Mexican drug trade.

According to to find the source you have to trace the cars back to the manufacturer. This specific batch of cars came from a manufacturing factor based out of Sonora, Mexico. The marijuana was packed and sealed into half moon shapes that resemble cheese wheels. These packages were then tossed into the trunks of the now famous Ford Fusions.

With very little effort used to conceal the marijuana, it makes you wonder. Was the marijuana supposed to be retrieved before reaching the final destination? With the dealership seemingly unaware, this seems like the most plausible case. Detectives speculate that something went wrong during the transportation of the cars. Instead of the drug being picked up, all 14.5 kilos of marijuana arrived untouched.

Ohio wasn’t the only state to receive this unexpected delivery either! Back in March, Minnesota also received a shipment of marijuana. An enormous quantity of weed was found in the trunks of several new models of Ford Fusions. Sound familiar? When tracing back the shipment, it is shown that both shipments were from the same manufacturing company.

While this has put a damper on the Ford name, there are working diligently with officials to get to the bottom of this. This has led to the cannabis community calling for the decriminalization of marijuana. Maybe when the war on drugs, particularly cannabis, comes to an end, these events will stop happening.

Until then, there is sure to be more illegal shipments of marijuana popping up all over the country. Instead of outsourcing cannabis, America should be supporting their local growers and cultivators more. With the marijuana industry growing more and more each day, the only solution is acceptance. Marijuana has the potential to be an amazing financial and job growing asset to the country if we let it.

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