Fresno Entrepreneurs Learn The Ins-And-Outs Of The Cannabis Industry

cannabis industry

Fresno was the venue of a recent 420 College seminar attended by newbie business owners who learned about the legal and entrepreneurship complexities of the cannabis market.

It was the first time that Fresno was selected as a seminar venue by the 420 College which has held similar workshops throughout California.

The arrival of legalized cannabis for recreational use on the 1st January 2018 has opened the doors for an onslaught of new industry players and the 420 College treat these events like small business workshops at which everything weed-related is discussed, including sales and cultivation.

Preparing Fresno entrepreneurs for the envisaged industry boom, 420 College’s Marisela Hamm, says small business owners must be properly prepared to handle the expected cannabis industry boom.

Hamm points out that the marijuana industry is surrounded by stigma, misconception and confusion, and says that it is the role of 420 College to educate the public about the cannabis trade.

The 420 College, which is Valley-based, introduced the entrepreneurs to industry experts, cultivators and realtors in a discussion forum that allowed the students to voice their concerns and to ask questions about restrictions at a local level.

One month before recreational marijuana was legalized in California Fresno gave the go-ahead to legalizing marijuana for medicinal use which now paves the way for legal cultivation, processing and sales in the city. To date, permits have already been issued to about 100 retail marijuana outlets throughout the state.

However, central Valley retail outlets for the sale of recreational weed are limited.

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Tulare County’s small Woodlake city is expected to open two small dispensaries in the near future, while a large commercial weed shop is planning on opening in Mendota’s industrial area following council approval.

The 420 College helps start-up businesses to acquire cannabis licenses, prepare business contracts, and teaches entrepreneurs about employee training, product labelling, packaging and handling, as well as branding and trademarking.

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