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The rising popularity of marijuana and marijuana dispensaries are due not just to the youth in California but also the elderly too. Marijuana dispensaries and retailers are saying that people from all walks of life and all ages are frequenting marijuana dispensaries. This is good news for those who are eager for the marijuana dispensary industry to flourish.

This changing culture is pointing towards a positive future for the marijuana industry and spells good news for marijuana dispensaries, both online and land dispensaries. As cannabis becomes more accepted amongst those who were previously opposed to the herb, the average age of the cannabis user is shifting from the youth to those between 40 and 50 years old. A single store in the San Diego region reaches up to a thousand customers per day. For now, there are no official numbers regarding the exact amount of marijuana sold however figures will be released in May revealing how the first quarter responded to the recreational sale of marijuana.

Some reports indicate that the cannabis sales for the first quarter of the year could top $1 billion across the state of California. Their area also reports that following the success of the first quarter, some Californian cities and counties that were previously inclined to keep Adult-Use marijuana illegal are now reconsidering their stance on the herb.

The positives associated with the legal recreational sale of marijuana and the booming business of marijuana dispensaries are causing the more conservative cites and counties to consider allowing recreational marijuana dispensaries. One of the positives is the tax revenue that the recreational marijuana market is generating. Couple the tax revenue with a relatively low amount of issues and problems associated with the recreational marijuana market and many fears and doubts have been dissolved. The subject has diminished in volatility, especially during political debates and talks.

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All this is making the marijuana subject, more specifically the recreational marijuana industry, is becoming more accepted across all ages and walks of life. This became obvious in February, the second month of recreational marijuana sales when a Girl Scout sold cookies near a dispensary in the Bay Park area of San Diego.

The cookie sales reached more than 300 boxes in two days. While this story sparked the anger of many citizens, the story mainly sparked humorous responses.

There were many fears at the start of the marijuana industry, most of which were given no fuel during the first three months of the recreational marijuana dispensaries within the marijuana industry. Some of the fears included higher accident rates and youth involvement- both of which have no proof of raised rates. The marijuana dispensaries have seen older generations joining in, some out of curiosity and some out of a genuine desire to find relief from varying symptoms.

However, there is still some way to go for the culture shift of marijuana. There are still some that need to be convinced that the recreational marijuana market is a positive movement.

The caution is reasonable, as the full implications of the recreational marijuana industry cannot be fully grasped after just three months.

Besides the impact on society, the health impacts are still being researched as well. While there have been no reports of marijuana-related patients, the research still needs to be done.

Officials are also still unsure how to gauge the effects of the illegal trade of marijuana. It is no secret that the black market was flourishing before the recreational marijuana market made its legal debut in California and it is unsure how the black market trade has been affected.

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One of the biggest issues in the marijuana market is that there is not enough supply to meet the demand of the market. This could mean the allowance of more marijuana dispensaries.

The executive director of Association for Cannabis Professionals in San Diego, Dallin Young, has said that consumers would rather purchase marijuana from a licensed retailer, however, due to “the lack of the licenses for additional dispensaries”, there is fear that this may cause consumers to look back to the black market. However, the San Diego police have not released any reports that there has been a rise in the black market marijuana sales.

This is all contributing factors to the one thing on everyone’s mind; the legal trade of marijuana within San Diego County will be expanding. This expansion looks set to include the sales, distribution, and cultivation of marijuana.

Oceanside residents will see an expansion into the marijuana market as well. Officials released a statement last week, saying that Oceanside will be allowing the commercial cultivation of medical cannabis. This plan has been welcomed by the majority of the Oceanside farmers. Chula Vista will be at the forefront of marijuana sales and cultivation, while Lemon Grove and La Mesa will be the prominent areas with licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. July will see the opening of the very first medical marijuana dispensary in La Mesa.

There are still more that are hoping that these factors will cause the San Diego County Board of Supervisors to change its ban on cannabis sales in ‘unincorporated’ areas.

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One thing is clear after the first quarter of the recreational marijuana market, and it is good news for those looking for marijuana dispensaries. The marijuana market is here to stay and marijuana dispensaries look set to expand their reach across the San Diego County, if not the state.

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    Despite of all odds, still we have positive thoughts for this beginning. It is good news for those looking for marijuana dispensaries.

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