Good Reasons to Meditate with Cannabis

Good Reasons to Meditate with Cannabis

Stress is part of modern life. Nervousness and anxiety affect the best of us; even the most practiced of Tibetan monks suffer it. The pharmaceutical science of today offers plenty options for treatment, but they are usually pricey, addictive, and come with a horde of nasty, even dangerous side effects. For anyone living with severe or chronic ailments, cannabis might prove better than modern medicines.Marijuana delivery certainly makes meditation easier, and any relaxation, relief from stress, anxiety, and depression will have positive health benefits.

Just from the perspective of relieving tension, meditation is increasingly popular as a medical alternative, both therapeutically and preventatively. Its ability lies in its efficacy for relaxation, feeling present, and eliminating feelings of “me,” or ego.

What Science Says

People have been using cannabis to relieve stress for centuries. As medical programs seep into more jurisdictions, and as legalization spreads nationwide, more and more folks are typing “marijuana delivery near me” into their search bars. People are discovering its stress benefits firsthand, and word is spreading about its calming effects.

According to the Washington Post, a Marist College survey found nearly 35 million American adults using cannabis. These are just anecdotes, but of them, around 37 percent use to relax, with worldwide surveys showing similar statistics in other countries. Anecdotal evidence aside, science agrees. Many, many, many studies prove cannabis a powerful relaxant, both mentally and physically.

According to the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit, most folks know of the stress-relieving and relaxing effects of cannabis, with these overwhelmingly its most perceived benefits. The Psychopharmacology Journal published a study in 2017 that shows weed lovers better able to keep calm under stress than those who do not use it.

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A study by Washington State University into the effects of specific strains and dosages found similar effects, proving cannabis a wonderful tool for balancing emotions, all crucial requirements for successful stress-, anxiety-, and depression-free meditation, itself necessary for reaching a calm, relaxed state that improves daily life and relationships.

Importance of Meditation

The Michigan Technological University conducted a study that showed just one session of mindful meditation reduces anxiety significantly in those with mild to moderate anxiousness. Reported in Forbes, it proved profound benefit of meditation. The study measured anxiety levels on patients in a 20-minute introductory meditation, a half-hour body scan, and 10 minutes of self-guided meditation.

Researchers used the Beck Anxiety Inventory to measure anxiety levels, and they measured heart health with resting blood pressure, pulse wave analysis, which measures flexibility of blood vessels, and heart rate variability tests. Patients were still experiencing less anxiety a week later, and their cardiovascular function improved too. It is likely most, if not all, are avid marijuana delivery patients now.

The study’s author, John J. Durocher, said in a statement, “Our results show a clear reduction in anxiety the first hour after the meditation session, and our preliminary results suggest that anxiety was significantly lower one week after the meditation session. Participants also had a reduced mechanical stress on their arteries an hour after the session. This could reduce stress on organs like the brain and kidneys, and help prevent conditions such as high blood pressure.” Meditation is clearly beneficial.

Combining Cannabis and Meditation

Although it may be tempting to meditate “high,” experts actually recommend keeping your dose low, just enough to calm you, as opposed to feeling psychoactive. You just want to chill, not run around crazily energized. Most advocates of meditating with cannabis suggest microdosing for maximum benefit. Starting small will provide the most reward.

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Dosing might be easier if you smoke or vape, but accuracy is better with other methods of ingestion. Edibles, tinctures, even capsules might take longer for effects to kick in, but you have more control over your dose. You do not need much, so go slowly and remember that less is more. When you start to feel effects, still yourself.

Sit quietly or lie on your back. Focus on what you feel, on your body. Concentrate separately on every part of your body, starting at your toes and gradually moving upward. Keep tension in that particular area and then gradually release it and relax completely. Then move to the next part, your feet, your legs, your thighs, your hips, your stomach, your back. Then focus on the muscles in your fingers, hands, arms, shoulders, neck, chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead. Breathe deeply. Relax. Focus inward too.

Final Thoughts

Before you type “marijuana delivery near me” into your search engine, think about your goals. Different strains have different effects. For example, a relaxing Indica might prove a better choice for meditation than an energetic Sativa. Practice makes perfect. Experiment with different strains, and remember to relax. Concentrate. Breathe. Relax. Use cannabis as a tool to help meditate, and then practice.

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