Healthy Ways to Consume Cannabis Without Smoking It

Healthy Ways to Consume Cannabis without Smoking It

Inhaling cannabis, especially burning plant matter, is clearly harmful. Despite having some benefits, which, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, include bronchodilation and other respiratory properties, it burns the throat unpleasantly, causing extreme bouts of coughing, and makes one look a bit funny on the end of a roach. However, for most, these are memories integral to cannabis culture. 

These days, more people are health conscious than ever before. What is more, there are more options available on the market than at any other time in history. Today, a marijuana delivery order can include an array of different products, not all of which require smoking burning cannabis plants for a public coughing fit after. Here are some popular suggestions for a smoke-free experience with all the “high:”


Technically, vaporizing is not smoking. At least not inhaling burning buds anyway. Vaporizers heat weed at much lower temperatures, releasing vapors instead of actual smoke. Temperatures are safer, and most vaporizers take cannabinoid concentrates, the chemical compounds found in cannabis. Vaping is easier on the lungs, and vaping oils are notoriously potent, much more than buds will ever be. 


Infusing food and drinks with cannabis is becoming an incredibly popular way of consuming it. Edibles are flying off shelves, and they offer a healthier alternative than most other methods. The edibles market is expanding rapidly, offering tastier, more potent delights on a daily basis. You can even make your own cannabutter to infuse with your own dishes at home. No smoking anywhere. 


Tinctures are among the oldest, most effective methods of cannabis consumption. They are liquids containing cannabis infusions, or concentrated cannabinoid extractions. Because they work with a drop under the tongue, mucosal absorption sends it to the bloodstream quickly, make effects fast this way. Tinctures come in different potencies, various flavors, and specific cannabinoid and terpenoids profiles. 

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Ingestible cannabis-infused oils offer another oral method of consumption. Available commonly in capsules or bottles with plastic applicators, you can swallow them directly to add them to your drinks and food. Oils work much the same way as edibles do, and they take roughly the same time for effects to kick in. Despite this, effects can be especially powerful. Be mindful of how much you take. 


Dabbing, similar to vaping in that you are still inhaling cannabinoids, yet unlike smoking in that you are not inhaling burning plant matter, is a new and fast-growing method. It involves flash-vaporizing cannabis concentrates for immediate and intense effects. Dabs are potent, insanely powerful. Most do not recommend this method for newbies, but for dedicated connoisseurs instead.


Topicals also do not require smoking. However, the vast majority of cannabis-infused topicals, from lotions to ointments and salves, will not have any psychoactive effects. Transdermals offer a “high,” but other topicals are ideal for those wanting the benefits of cannabis without the stoned effects commonly associated with using it. It also has antiaging, antioxidant, and other essential properties for skin care. 

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Now that you can recognize some of the different cannabis products available in the legal marketplace, you can avoid smoking easily. You can find edibles galore, oils in abundance, and tinctures near everywhere. Dabs and vapes are popular too, as are smoke-heavy buds. Just order marijuana delivery if you live in Pacific Palisades and surrounds, or anywhere in California for that matter. 

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  1. Avatar for Martha Martha October 11, 2019 / 8:43 pm / Reply

    Yeah! A couple great ways for those, who don’t want to smoke!

  2. Avatar for Stephanie Stephanie October 12, 2019 / 9:41 pm / Reply

    Awesome post! Im an edible girl myself, no smoking for me!

  3. Avatar for Marie Marie October 13, 2019 / 9:08 pm / Reply


  4. Avatar for Jean Jean October 20, 2019 / 7:45 pm / Reply

    I never smoke the herb but, i partake in the edibles like no other!! HEHE

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