Here’s Why You can’t Cross State Lines with Your Weed Even as the Hazy Wave of Cannabis Legalization Sweeps the US

Moving of marijuana between states is still considered illegal, and the federal government has the power to prosecute those found committing the offense. With that said, it means that you cannot carry your weed from one state to the other even when both states have legalized medical marijuana. According to the federal government, marijuana remains as a substance controlled under schedule 1. In fact, that’s where controversy has been there between the state and federal laws. So if you thought you can now carry around your strain when you are crossing to other states, then know that the law can find you on the wrong side. That means until the government makes it legal to carry out interstate marijuana commerce, you cannot carry your favorite strain to another state at the moment.

When we say that it’s illegal to take your medical or recreational strain to another state, we do not imply that you’ll find FBI agents on the border as you move from one state to another. It simply means that doing so is illegal and could lead to your prosecution. Whichever means you are using to transport, you need to ensure that you do not carry your strain. You, therefore, need to clear everything before you kick off your journey. Sometimes, you might find yourself taking them accidentally with your clothes or luggage. If that happens and you realize on the way that you are carrying your cannabis, please find a way of leaving it within your state. You should also remind everyone you are traveling with to clear their bags and cars to avoid trouble.

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While we discuss what the federal laws state regarding the transportation of marijuana from one state to another, it’s important, we also take the time to find out the provision of state laws that were passed last year. We need to realize that businesses are treated differently and under the state laws, they need licensing to transport their product. That means if you own business, all you need is a license and from there, you’ll be free to transport the drug within your state legally. Once a business obtains licensing from all relevant authorities, it’s free to take the drug to its customers provided the transportation laws are obeyed. However, one needs to know that these rules differ from state to state. It, therefore, means that to transport the drug in any state, one needs to understand the laws of the particular state and find out if the state allows such movement.
Those already in the business know what the state requires. For those planning to join the industry following the legalization of the drug for medical use last year, there’s need to familiarize oneself with the laws. The passing of the laws didn’t give everyone a ticket to enter into the industry and start trading. There are specific requirements for everyone interested in finding a place in the reformed cannabis industry. These requirements by the state are not for businesses only but also apply to individuals intending to use cannabis for medical purposes. For medical reasons, you need to get licensing from a medical marijuana doctor. With that, you can then go ahead to buy and use whatever strain prescribed to you.

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Although there is a controversy between the state and federal law at the moment, you need to understand the requirements for each law to avoid landing in jail or being fined heavily. As we wait to see whether there will be amendments to harmonize the two, actions at the moment involving marijuana should be guided by the law as it is now. Californians legalized the drug for medical use last year, and the move opened and a new chapter for patients and doctors. If you act within the confines of the newly passed law, you can rest assured that you are protected. But once you are into the use or sale of marijuana, take note of federal law to avoid prosecution. That aside, you need to ensure that the amounts you are dealing with are recommended and within your doctor’s prescription. Furthermore, don’t allow minors to access your drugs or share with them.

Indeed, there have been questions and concerns from various parties seeking clarification of what they can do with the controversy between the state and federal laws. As at now, it remains clear that one cannot transport their cannabis from one state to another. As a user of medical cannabis, make sure that you are safe and not carrying your strain if you are moving from one state to another. Enjoy the freedom given to you by the newly passed state laws but be sure not to engage yourself in activities that might cause issues and put you in awkward moments. It’s good to seek help from your doctor and drug crime lawyer if you intend to take your medical marijuana when traveling to other states.

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  1. Avatar for Rhn ptl Rhn ptl January 30, 2017 / 9:24 pm / Reply

    Yes. It’ is good to concern with doctor and drug crime lawyer if you intend to take your medical marijuana when traveling to other states.

  2. Avatar for michael michael March 1, 2017 / 2:57 pm / Reply

    My perspective on this topic for personally would be something I would strongly disagree the Federal Governments decisions for this product. I believe that Weed should eventually become legalized because it not only cures diseases to individuals but also eliminates the prescription medication that is much more severe and as a high potential for abuse and dependency.

  3. Avatar for Vishal Vishal December 18, 2017 / 10:54 am / Reply

    Nice article

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