How Long Does Your Marijuana Stay in Your System?

With the legalization of marijuana for medical use, many people are getting interested in this hot topic and are asking a lot of questions regarding its use. One of the most asked questions at the moment is how long the marijuana stays in one’s body after use. To help answer this question, many researchers are now carrying out studies to find out the medical benefits of the drug and the length of time they stay once smoked or taken as an edible. While there’s no one answer for this question, we can explain its effects in many ways depending on how regular it’s used and the body’s rate of metabolism. Besides that, the active chemicals in the medical marijuana determine the effects and how long the last in the user’s system.

The Active Chemicals in Marijuana

Marijuana has at least two active chemicals namely cannabidiol(CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol(THC). According to experts, these are the chemicals that have medical applications. The first one (CBD) impacts the brain while the other one has relieving properties and is used to relieve pain. When taken by either smoking or by ingesting cannabis products, these two chemicals will remain in your system for a period that’s determined by different factors. These factors include the length of time you’ve been using the drug, intake method, and the strain you are taking.

According to health experts, the intake of THC pills such as Dronabinol is more effective and tends to remain in your system for a longer time compared to when you smoke marijuana. In fact, that’s the reason why many doctors usually prescribe it to those patients experiencing a lot of pain or are suffering from health conditions that are painful. It, therefore, means that once you take such pills, you should expect to test positive for THC for weeks depending on the amount you are taking. That’s why it’s recommended that you shouldn’t drive if you are under such medical cannabis products.

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Weight/Body Fat Also Determine How Long the Drug Stays In Your System

Although the active chemicals in medical cannabis serve the same purpose among users, how long they stay in their bodies is also affected by one’s weight or body fat. Individuals with high body fat tend to keep THC is their systems for a longer time compared to those with low body fat. According to experts, body fat slows down the process of clearing THC metabolites. That means if you want to know how long your medical cannabis will stay in your body, know your body weight in relation to height. Furthermore, individuals who take high amount of cannabis in relation to their weight will have difficulty in clearing it from their system. On the other hand, those who take less will easily get rid of THC from their system. To avoid having it for too long in your body, it’s recommended that you seek help from a medical marijuana doctor, so you get prescription of the best strain and amount for you.

Low versus High Dosage

When it comes to the dosage of marijuana, an individual who takes a high dose will test positive for a long time. In fact, such people will even continue testing positive long after they stopped using the drug. To help reduce such instances, doctors usually prescribe a dosage that’s okay with your medical conditions and the reasons you are using the drug. If you find that you’ve been recommended to take an extremely high one, then the chances are that your medical condition is severe and there’s need for you to ingest a high dose, so you probably enjoy the benefits for long. Low dosage means that you need only small amount of the chemical in your system. All these variations are things that only doctors understand and are the best people to seek their help regarding the amounts that you need in your body.

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Dosage can, however, be a tricky area when it comes to the amounts of marijuana that remains in your body. A perfect example that can help explain the common controversy here is a situation where an individual takes a smaller amount of a highly potent THC. At such instances, one will test positive for the drug for a very long time even despite the fact that they took a small amount. That’s why it’s very vital to get a doctor’s advice before picking any strain as your best one for use. If you drive, then you need to be careful lest you fail to pass a drug test.

As said earlier, the length of time that your medical marijuana will stay in your system depends on many factors. As such there is no straight answer when it comes to this most asked question. To avoid issues, you need to discuss with your doctor several things that include dosage, your body weight, frequency of usage, and of course the modality of administering it. Do you think you need some tricks to expedite marijuana clearance from your system? Keep all the factors we mentioned in mind and you’ll not have many issues especially if you are to undergo a drug test.

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