How Marijuana Helps Treat Serious Addictions

How Marijuana Helps Treat Serious Addictions

Across the world, doctors are overprescribing opioids to treat pain, a widespread health issue today. Billions are consuming them daily for relief from every throb and ache. Others are self-medicating with alcohol, heroin, and other addictive substances, whether for relief from pain or other mental and physical issues. Addiction is now a plague, a crisis, an epidemic overwhelming the United States. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, opiates killed nearly 15,000 folks in 2017 alone, accounting for a whopping 67.8 percent of all fatal drug overdoses. Their side effects are horrible, addiction almost guaranteed, and after just a short period, they become completely ineffective at treating the underlying cause of pain, merely hiding it and heightening dependence on more drugs. 

Society is crippling under the weight of serious addictions, with family and social structures crumbling. However, scientists are finding safer, more effective ways to treat pain, as well as reducing dependency and mitigating withdrawal effects of quitting prescription drugs and other legal and illegal substances. Cannabis is emerging as the most promising tool to use in the fight against opioid and other addictions. 

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is proving the miracle molecule, capable of treating pain so well, even better and certainly safer, than opioids, slated to replace them entirely in the future. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, CBD works so well that in states where marijuana is legal, prescriptions for opioids are rapidly declining, as are cases of overdoses and fatalities. 

Role of Cannabis in Treating Addiction

With more people now typing “marijuana delivery near me” when searching for healthier treatment options, the replacement of prescriptions is growing. Although CBD is an effective painkiller, it is not alone. According to the National Academies of Health and Medicine, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, also has analgesic properties, and in fact, using them together is even more effective. 

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Both THC and CBD interact with specific endocannabinoid receptors to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, improve mood, stimulate appetite, decrease withdrawal severity, and even make treating addiction easier, with folks more likely to complete treatment when using it. Already doctors are recommending cannabis instead of prescriptions and other drugs, and people are choosing it too. 

Although studies are still in their preliminary stages, evidence is quickly mounting, especially into the effects of cannabis on addition to opioids and other hard drugs. One study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine shows CBD significantly reducing heroin cravings in both rats and people. Additionally, cannabis has no notable side effects, making it even more promising for addicts. 

Already, hundreds of reports show doctors using CBD to substitute opioids when getting patients off them. Success is high in almost all cases. Doctors recommend swapping them at your own preferred pace, gradually increasing the time between doses and using CBD in its place. Mentally, just having a substitute to rely on helps them overcome withdrawal and return to a normal life much easier. 

Some controversy exists about how exactly CBD works when treating serious addictions. This is due to the many effects it has on various endocannabinoid pathways. Its exact mechanism of action remains unclear, even if scientists know that it works, and works extremely well. One theory is that cannabis reverses opioid-induced brain damage, reopening communication throughout the body, and because it reduces both cravings and anxiety, two common withdrawal symptoms, quitting stress is much lower. 

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Quality is Essential

With so much evidence proving cannabis not only promising, but also actually effective, in treating both pain and reliance on opioids and other substances, Consumer Reports warns of what you find in the marketplace. Despite laws to force compliance with quality and safety standards, most cannabis products fail rigorous testing requirements, with some not even subject to them. 

You may not know exactly what you are getting, unless you take active steps to ensure that you do. Labels are frequently inaccurate, not a true reflection of what a product contains. Furthermore, there are some side effects associated with cannabis use, albeit safer than opioids and non-lethal. CBD can increase or decrease efficacy of some medications, while THC can cause extreme anxiety in some. 

Before Searching “Marijuana Delivery near Me”

If you are considering using cannabis to help you overcome addiction, then it is vital that you discuss this lengthily with your practitioner beforehand. He or she can help mitigate interactions with your current medications, as well as help you decipher the correct dose. Avoid all pharmacies and health stores if you want quality: Rather get your stash from a state-licensed dispensary that tests all its products. 

If you do make the choice to use marijuana, then start slowly. Gradually increase your intake and do not wean yourself off opioids or other drugs too quickly. Furthermore, you should keep a healthy relationship with your practitioner, as this will make it easier to address symptoms as they arise, prevent drug interactions, and improve your overall health both during and after treatment. 

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Weed Delivery Santa Barbara

Ultimately, you want the best pot if you want it to work. You want concentrates responsibly formulated and free of pesticides, toxins, solvents, and other contaminants. You want to see ingredients clearly on labels, and you want reputable companies who test their products at independent laboratories. The best quality is available for weed delivery in Santa Barbara, but you should do your homework first.

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