How Sublingual Cannabis Strips Work

How Sublingual Cannabis Strips Work

As the legal industry grows and cannabis delivery becomes mainstream, people are experimenting with different consumption methods, often according to emerging studies into bioavailability, or absorbability. No longer are there only joints, bongs, and edibles, but you now have ever-growing options. One of these is sublingual. All you do is place an infused drop or strip under the tongue. 

Sublingual strips are becoming increasingly popular. Their discretion and fast-acting effectiveness secures their place in the market. They work by absorption through the mucus membranes in your mouth, specifically those soft, yet tough, places under your tongue. This area has several functions; the most important is to act as a barrier that prevents microorganisms from attacking organs and tissues. 

Mucosal membranes are also sensitive, providing feeling in the oral cavity so you know if you bite something sharp, or worse. They also secrete saliva, which aids in breaking down food and keeping the oral cavity moist. People have been dosing medicines sublingually for eons, since these membranes are highly permeable, able to absorb active compounds quickly and transport them to the bloodstream. 

Sublingual Absorption and Its Benefits

The popularity of sublingual consumption, particularly with medical patients, is because of its consistently fast-acting effects, almost as effective as vaping or smoking. Consumers need not inhale any toxic smoke, and unlike other smokeless choices, such as edibles and oils, sublingual strips promise a quicker onset and a more reliable experience. 

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, sublingual absorption is so effective precisely because it bypasses the digestive system, where it can take up to two hours for gastric enzymes and acids to convert delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, into its psychoactive form, called 11-hydroxy THC. 11-hydroxy THC is especially potent, with highs intense enough to send novices running. 

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First-timers often try edibles first, resulting in an intense psychoactive experience so scary it turns them off weed for life. By bypassing digestion and entering the bloodstream quickly and directly, sublingual strips avoid such risks. There are no metabolic processes converting delta-9 into hydroxyl-11 THC, so the experience is purer, certainly clearer and more controlled. 

Dosing Sublingual Strips Properly

Sublingual films go under the tongue. This is the most important part to remember. It will not stick to oral mucosa if placed on top of the tongue, rendering it mostly useless. This is a common misconception and a waste of good strips, since folks tend to think of them as the same as mouth freshener strips. Many cannabis strips also come mint-flavored to mask any bad taste, which also adds to the confusion. 

However, cannabis strips do not work the same way that breath fresheners do. Placed on top of the tongue, you will likely feel disappointed. Under your tongue works extremely well. All you need to do is to keep it there, with mouth closed, for between three and five minutes as it dissolves. Some only need to stay there a minute, others more, and some others even less. 

Discretion of Sublingual Strips

Of all methods of cannabis consumption, sublingual strips are likely the most discreet. There is no odor, so no whiff giving you away. They are roughly nickel-sized and paper-thin each, making them perfect for your purse or pocket. These strips promise an ideal way of consuming cannabis without attracting any attention whatsoever. No need to go anywhere for a quick vape. No need to give yourself away at all. 

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Sublingual Weed Fairfield

You can find sublingual cannabis strips at most weed dispensaries in Fairfield. More likely, you will find a wider choice available for cannabis delivery. They come with THC and without, with some containing only cannabidiol, or CBD. As demand for them grows, sublingual strips are becoming easier to find wherever you go in California. However, quality is not always a guarantee, so it is crucial to do some homework.

Scrutinize the source of the cannabis infused into strips, whether it derives from hemp or marijuana, what processing steps it went through, and if independent laboratories test them before sale. Most brands make this research easier for you, since you can find all of this information on the product’s “Certificate of Analysis,” located either on the company’s website or via a scanning code on the back. 

Storage is very important, however. Once you purchase sublingual cannabis strips, it is imperative that you keep them at room temperature. This will prevent them from breaking down or melting inside their packaging, causing loss of cannabinoids and, ultimately, loss of effectiveness and effect. Besides that, sublingual strips make dosing easy in an accurate, fast acting, discreet way, medically or recreationally.

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