How to Buy Legal Marijuana Online

How to Buy Legal Marijuana Online

So you’ve made the decision to venture into the medical marijuana scene. Congratulations, it’s a big decision. A decision that requires a lot of research in order to determine what your best options are. When it comes to medical marijuana there are plenty of dispensaries at your disposal. But did you know that you can order your marijuana products and have them delivered to your residence in an hour? Yep, that’s totally possible. And legal.

The Process of Buying Marijuana Online

  1. Like we mentioned before, research is key. Some sites claiming to sell legal cannabis can actually be scamming you. Weedmaps is a great tool to use when looking for a reliable delivery service. The site offers information the many services that offer delivery, as well as ratings from people who have used the service before. Take a look a few to compare their products, service areas, and prices before deciding.
  1. Once you’re done deciding most sites as you to register. Be sure to have your doctor’s recommendation on hand because you’re going to have to upload it to the site in order to complete your order, along with your state-issued ID. As soon as you’re verified the registration process is complete, meaning you are free to order at any given time between the operating hours.
  1. Deciding what to order can be a bit overwhelming. Some sites over popup chats with Budtenders who can answer any questions you may have. If you pick a service that doesn’t have a chat available read through each of the products thoroughly. Know the difference between different strains- sativa, indica, and hybrids. Product selection varies by service but spend time viewing the edibles, concentrates, topicals and prerolls to decide if any of those options appeal to you.
  1. Once you’ve filled your cart you simply enter your number and address and wait for your product to arrive. Most dispensaries operate on a cash only basis because of the struggles to obtain access to a banking system. Some sites offer you location updates while you wait. Others provide you a timeline for when you can expect delivery. Most companies advertise delivery in an hour while others can be expected to arrive as soon as 10 minutes after ordering. You’ll have to show the delivery person your ID for verification, then you’re off with your purchase.
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The Future of the Cannabis Industry

Nationwide, pot delivery services have nearly tripled in three years, from 877 to 2,617, according to Weedmaps. It’s easy to see why. Weed on wheels allows patients the advantage of not needing to get out of their homes to obtain medication. Thus, avoiding the stress and, discomfort of manually going into a dispensary. The act of delivery services isvery smooth and can be completed within a matter of a few clicks of a mouse. Marijuana delivery is the future of the cannabis industry, are you ready to leap into the future?

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  1. Avatar for marissa manfredi marissa manfredi May 30, 2016 / 4:10 pm / Reply

    i have a legal card in nj for medical pot can i order from this site or no?

    1. Avatar for Support Pot Valet Support Pot Valet May 30, 2016 / 4:26 pm / Reply

      Unfortunately, we are not in New Jersey yet. We plan on offering New Jersey Marijuana Delivery, in the near future. Thanks for checking us out

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