How to create Marijuana Shatter, Crumble, Wax and other Cannabis Concentrates

Recreational Marijuana is now legal in some regions around the United States and the trend to decriminalize this drug is now gaining momentum all over the country.

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With this, in place, there is a growing need for products related to marijuana due to expanding markets. In light recreational weed legalization, the extraction of cannabinoids from cannabis into different products is the process which has acquired fame over the past six years. The typical products which are extracted include a shutter, crumble, wax and dabs all of which have different uses, extraction processes and the ways in which they are consumed. Many questions are asked by different people on how these products are extracted from cannabis and the effect in which each of them has on one’s body. This article will show painless and easy steps of making shatter, crumble and wax from cannabis.

Shatter is the purest and strongest cannabis extract out there which has an amber and glass-like transparent color. The process of extracting this product from cannabis amazes many who often ask questions on how much shutter are yielded through a BHO. To start with, there’s need for a large number of cannabis trichome buds, glass tubes, coffee filters, butane cans, and clamps. Other necessities include a heating oven for maintaining the required temperature and vacuum pump whose primary task is to rid butane from the extract.

To begin the process, the butane can is inserted into a measuring cup and the process can be done a second time to achieve maximum results. This is soon followed by getting rid of the solvents from butane through evaporation method which allows this solvent to dry into the amber colored resin. The process of purging the solvent requires a temperature of 91 degrees for more than 16 hours. A 3 cfm one stage vacuum pump is finally used to remove the impurities from the final product. The pressure gauge, on the other hand is used to tell the amount of heat the glass dish that contains the oil has to avoid destroying the product through excessive heat.

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Of all the cannabis concentrates, the shutter is the most potent and should go through additional filtering to remove naturally occurring components such as waxes and fats allowing it to keep its active ingredients before consumption.

Getting a clean and quality wax at home is an uphill task to many as challenges emerge mostly if there is a lack of enough equipment. Lack of vacuum, for instance, can ruin the flavor of the final product. Before starting the process of extraction, it is wise to collect the supplies needed for the task ahead. The easiest tools which are cheaply available for such work are:

Hair dryer, coffee filters, hose clamp, extraction tube, Razor blades, Pyrex dish, plastic tube and can of butane.

The process begins with preparation of the extraction tube. A fine ground bone is first packed into the extraction tube tightly enough. Coffee filters; two, in this case, are then placed at the end of the extraction tube and secured using a hose clamp. Once stable, the excess parts of the filters are cut off using a sharp and clean razor to prevent the oil building up on the filter and the adapter tip is then secured with an appropriate size adapter.

Now a plastic tub is filled with hot water after which the Pyrex dish is placed on it carefully.  At this stage, all the components should be made sure they are secured and free of holes. It is also important to ensure that no water is inside the dish during this time by holding it with a piece of cloth as it might be hot. Continue blasting until it comes out clear.


To extract the content, leave butane to boil inside the Pyrex dish until all the content has been purged. This can be achieved by observing the dish as it heats until it stops making bubbles. A hair dryer can now be used to blow directly into the oil for about a minute to remove the bubbles. One should, however, avoid holding it too close as it may damage the wax.

Now remove the oil that has stuck in different parts of the dish and spread it evenly and heat it accordingly till it melts down and butane escapes. The dish should be taken to the cold area such as the tap to allow the settlement of the wax. The wax should be left to cool for about 5 minutes before sealing it as it will be damaged if left open for a long time.

Kief is one of the simplest cannabis concentrates. It is composed of trichomes broken away from the dried marijuana and extracted through specialized filtering screens. The process followed in obtaining this concentrate makes it one of the low-quality extract despite some of the extractors having managed to produce a clean and quality product by employing the dry and sieve method.

To extract kief, sifter box, pair of scissors and about eight cannabis plants which include stem and stalks are required. Trim the plants and leave them overnight before removing trichomes from the leaves and place them in a bag. Now empty the content into the sifter box and shake them for a while after which you can now pull the plate to find kief which is then scrapped and placed in a jar after obtaining the right amount.

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This is not the only method of extracting kief as one can also decide to use either gumby method or bubble bag alternative.

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