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It is not easy deciding if cannabis is of high quality or not, at least not without trying it first. Even the most experienced potheads have difficulties telling the difference. A particular strain, for example, can come from various crops of varying quality, which are subject to many conditions, such as climate control, harvesting methods, nutrient feeds, airflow, even curing practices used by the farmer.

However, there are ways to tell, albeit subtle ways. It is much the same as choosing your fruits and vegetables, which always has an element of individual subjectivity. When it comes to identifying quality marijuana from, say, herbs, you should consider several factors before you hand over any of your hard-earned cash. Here are some tips to think about when ordering weed delivery in California:

Are There Defects?

When scrutinizing the quality of buds, look for any obvious issues. Defects, especially glaring ones, suggest a major issue, the type of problem you do not to see in buds. Is there insect damage? Any discoloration? If you see mold, mildew, or other no-no’s, then the weed is of very poor grade. If you find seeds, then the bud is not top-shelf. Seeds are common, but only mid- to low-grade.

Are There Dull Colors?

You want to see bright colors, those that indicate freshness. Lively greens tinged with white, orange, purple, or any rainbow colors indicate quality. If you notice dull colors, then the buds are likely old and stale, or of low quality. If greens and browns are not bright and lively, then you are definitely not holding premium-grade, simply buds of lesser qualities.

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Are Buds Dense?

Bud density is crucial when investigating quality. The best buds are heavy and dense. They are not light and sparse. If you see more leaves than bud, look elsewhere. If buds appear withered, weightless or leafy, then consider them low-grade. You only find thick, dense buds in top-shelf strains. However, Sativa strains are not as dense as Indicas. Despite this, they should still be thick and bushy.

Is There a Resin Layer?

You definitely want to see resin on your buds, a thick coating of it too. It should be white or amber, and crystalline in color. Called trichomes, this resinous layer is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and all of the other goodness in marijuana plants. It also contains the plant’s active compounds, smells and flavors, so if you do not see a thick layer of resin, you are not holding quality buds.

Are There Trimming Errors?

You want nicely trimmed buds, not hastily clipped, clumsily butchered weed. When it comes to trimming, no farmer of quality will make mistakes that leave leaves on the buds or chop half the bud out. If you see more leaf than bud, the weed is of low-grade. On the other hand, some of the highest quality buds have a small circle of leaves around them. If they are thick with trichomes, all is good.

Does It Smell Pungent?

Quality is easy to smell. If the buds have little to no aroma, put them back on the shelf. You want pungent smelling buds, of the kind that quickly fills a room. Terpenes have a powerful odor, and you should insist on nothing less. Having said that, marijuana smells are different and complex. You can detect whiffs of sweet, spice, fruit, fuel, earth, skunk, even floral. This is fine, so long as it smells strong.

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Are Buds Sticky?

If you have an opportunity to touch the buds, then grab it. The best quality buds are sticky to the touch. They are not damp, dry or brittle, just very sticky. This is the resin, which you want to feel on your fingers after handling. If you cannot feel any stickiness at all, then you are holding the lowest grade weed possible. The stickier the buds, the higher the quality.

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It is crucial to remember that regardless of how wonderful the buds you are scrutinizing look or smell, there is no exact scientific method of determining their quality or knowing how they will affect you. For this reason, it is always wise to buy buds certified by a laboratory, as you will be able to see the analysis results. The only other way to determine bud quality is to try it yourself and then decide.

When ordering weed delivery in California, there must be an element of faith, since you will not see your buds before they arrive. Despite this, always check what a driver delivers to make sure it is what you ordered before he or she leaves. You want what you pay for, nothing less. This is why it is so important to use only trusted and reputable marijuana delivery services in California.

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