How to Find a Good Marijuana Delivery Service

How to find a good marijuana delivery service

Finding a good marijuana delivery service may feel like searching a haystack for a needle, but with a little time to research, it is possible. Quality delivery services for cannabis specifically do exist throughout California, but with the legalization of recreational pot enjoying its one-year anniversary already, swindlers have been finding whatever legal loopholes they can use, especially online.

You are at risk of losing money if you use illegal delivery. Unscrupulous individuals can steal your personal details; use them for a myriad of crimes. You could receive weed if you are lucky, but you may pay for top shelf and get the lowest-grade dirt instead. There seems no end to the creative ways that online scammers can target consumers, but there are ways to keep your money and data safe too.

Finding Reputable Pot Delivery Companies

It is not just consumers in danger, however. According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, fraud is rife in the marijuana investment sector, as well. It pays to educate yourself and conduct some research into the delivery companies offering services in your area. All you need is a little time, an Internet connection, and some common sense. Here are some tips to help you:

Read Feedback

With the growth of online delivery services comes a platform to hold companies accountable. Customers can now leave reviews on just about any site they choose, including the company’s own. Read what other people say about a delivery company. If most of them are happy with its services, then you will likely have a good experience too. If reviews are mostly bad, then consider yourself warned.

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Browse Catalogues

Trusted delivery service will work with numerous suppliers, all willing to align themselves with it. If you only see a few products on offer, then there may be a reason why others are keeping their distance. A reputable company will have hundreds of different cannabis products on offer from a long list of different brands and suppliers, not just one or two with little to no information about its sources.

Join Forums

The best way to find a good marijuana delivery service is to ask people directly. Forums are a great place to find others willing to make recommendations. Search for cannabis communities on social media platforms, like or follow their pages. Find groups and forums in search engines too. There are many. Once you find a knowledgeable pot community in your area, ask them which delivery services they use.

Visit Websites

You will find a great deal of information about a company on its website. An open, friendly, easy-to-navigate website inspires more confidence than one that lacks information, contact options, and other essential services. A company must be easily contactable, willing to advise, help, even refund where necessary. Look for product and accountability guarantees.

Make Contact

Contact the company directly. Use its website feature to ask for product advice or answers to any questions you may have. A quick, professional, helpful response is a good indication that the company is legitimate. A late or non-existent response should alarm you, especially one with scant information, no help, or no answers. A fraudulent website is unlikely to make communicating with them easy.

Analyze Compliance

A company must have a license to sell weed in California, much less deliver it. Currently, the law only allows medical dispensaries to deliver to legitimate patients, but with recreational sales now legal, lawmakers are drafting laws for distribution licenses, which will come into effect soon. Check for regulatory compliance. A legal company is accountable for the services it provides.

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Scrutinize Product Tests

All cannabis products must go to an independent laboratory for quality tests, the results of which tell you exactly how much THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids are in a specific product, as well as if any contaminants are present, such as heavy metals, pesticides, and chemical residues. If you cannot find this information, then the products are not compliant and you do not know exactly what you will get.

Final Thoughts

With so many companies offering cannabis delivery in California, it is imperative that you do not fall victim to any type of fraud. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, even edibles contain inconsistent levels of THC in random tests, making many of their labels lies. There seems no end to the trickery, especially when it comes to online marijuana sales.

The only way to protect yourself is to find trusted, reputable, licensed cannabis delivery services in your area. It is worth the time it takes to conduct a little research. A good one will protect your personal data, send only the finest quality weed, have abundant help available, and be easily contactable at any time. Follow these tips and you should have no difficulty having weed delivered to your door safely.

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