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Salinas Weed Service

More dodgy websites pop up every day offering to deliver weed to you anywhere in California. Since legalizing marijuana, the state has only issued a handful of licenses for legal pot shops. Because of intense demand, they frequently do not have enough stock and queues can line the street. Despite this, they are legal, some for medical patients, some for adult use, and some for both.

Getting there is a nightmare, though. Traffic can waste hours of your life, and many are in sketchy, crime-ridden locations. In Salinas, marijuana is rare, especially the legal kind. Most people prefer to order their stash online and have it delivered to their doorstep. Fortunately, this is easy enough to do, the legal way, if you have a little knowledge, and enough common sense to avoid online swindlers.

Growth of Delivery Services

In the past, due to people opening stores illegally in California and causing several major issues, the Drug Enforcement Agency went on a rampage to shut them all down, particularly in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. Proposition D closed unlicensed stores and punished any landlords found operating close to prohibited areas, such as schools, libraries, and day care centers.

Although these enforcement actions did some good and looked great on paper, they did little to curb marijuana sales. At most, they increase the prominence of politicians instigating these crackdowns, but more importantly, they changed the manner in which people get their stash. It opened up a completely new era of delivery. In Salinas, marijuana can now arrive at your door in 45 minutes or less, and legally.

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Previous storeowners were sitting with gigantic piles of buds and nowhere to sell them. The solution was for them to go mobile, and mobile they went. As a result, weed delivery services almost tripled across the country over the last three years, from nearly 900 back then to over 2,600 today. In Salinas, a weed service can bring whatever you want directly to you, safely and discreetly.

What You Will Need

You will need to be a Californian resident. This is not negotiable. You will also need an I.D. proving you are 21-years or older if you want recreational pot, or a recommendation letter from a doctor if you want medical marijuana. If you are going the medical route, then it is advisable to get yourself a Medical Marijuana Card, as well. The card is optional, yet wise to have, but you definitely need a doctor’s letter.

Finding a Salinas Weed Service

Once you have what you need, it is time to get down to some research. With hundreds of delivery companies scrambling for your business, finding a legitimate, reliable and safe one can be tricky. The Internet is full of fraudsters wanting either your personal information or your money, and you get nothing in return. Be careful and do your homework the safe way.


Leafly is a good resource for finding dispensaries willing to deliver in Salinas. Leafly is the Yellow Pages, Wikipedia of online pot shops in California. It provides map-based listings of those nearest to you, as well as comprehensive strain guides to feature articles and news. You can create an account, follow local stores, get coupons and special discounts, and keep track of your favorite strains. It has mobile apps too.

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WeedMaps is the Yelp of the cannabis community. All you need to do is type in your current location and the site will return every lab testing service, weed doctor, delivery service, and dispensary within 20 miles of you. It will give you each store’s operating hours, contact details, customer reviews, and latest products. It also provides you with its own Android and iOS apps.

Where’s Weed

Similar to WeedMaps, Where’s Weed also tells you which delivery companies service Salinas. Marijuana doctors, delivery services, local dispensaries, you can all of them near you, and it proves a geographic depiction of them. Furthermore, it allows you to narrow search results by your preferences, such as type of marijuana concentrate, edible, or bud. It too has apps for Android and Windows phones.

Ordering a Salinas Weed Service

Once you have the delivery company you want to use, the process could not be any simpler. A legal online dispensary will require you to register as a member of their co-operative. You will need to create an account if you are using the service for the first time, upload a copy of your identification, such as a passport, driver’s license, or state-issued I.D. If a medical patient, upload your doctor’s letter.

If you are buying medical marijuana, then it is always a good idea to take a photograph of your recommendation letter the moment you get it. That way, you will always have it, and it will be in a file that you can easily upload. If you ever do lose it, then you will not have to pay for another one and go through the whole consultation process all over again.

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Then, you will need to be aware of how payment works. In Salinas, and the greater California area, the DEA banned using credit cards to purchase pot. Shops cannot legally accept Amex, Mastercard or Visa, and most deal on a cash-only basis. You may be able to use a debit card for some delivery services, which tack on a withdrawal fee, much the way an ATM does.

You should also consider how the service bills you and when. If it charges your card before you ever see what you are purchasing, then you are at a major disadvantage. If it delivers low-grade seeds and stems, then it already has your cash and you cannot do a thing about it. Try to find one that allows you to pay the driver cash or swipe your card with a reader when it arrives. This will give you immediate recourse.

Salinas Marijuana Etiquette

Although not compulsory, the widely accepted expectation is to tip the person delivering to you. This is just good manners. After all, he or she is saving you a ton of time and money in traffic and fuel, and these poor souls spend all day navigating the horror of Californian traffic, dealing with stoners all day long to get your stash to you.

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