How to Grow Medical Marijuana Indoors

Marijuana Indoors

Cannabis, more popularly known as marijuana, is used mostly for medicinal and recreational purposes. The drug has become so mainstream in recent years, so much so that consumers can order marijuana online, buy marijuana online and even make marijuana delivery request via online stores. But not everyone goes online to source Pot, via the usual online medical dispensary; some people make their own marijuana at home. If you’d like to make your own personal medical cannabis here are some steps to help you make your own indoor medical marijuana.

Firstly, you want to make sure it’s legal where you live to grow marijuana. Once you’ve made all your checks, get ready to plant.

Decide on the strain of marijuana you’d like to grow. There’s the indica strain that is good for managing pain and medical issues such as muscle spasms and tremors. And then there’s the sativa strain, usually a stimulant and is used by many HIV/AIDS and cancer patients. But you also have the option to go for a combination of the strains, a hybrid strain.

Medical Marijuana Indoors

Locate an area indoors where there’s a good light source but you’ll still need a sodium bulb for the initial phases.

Now to the seed of the matter, germinating the seeds. Here you drop the seeds in a cup of warm water and once you see the roots sprout, you plant it. Then put the young plant in unfertilized soil and make sure you water at least 1 to 2 times a day. Give the plant about 18-24 hours of light daily and control the temperature, not too hot or cold. Also make sure the plant gets fresh air to reinforce the stalk.

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Fill a larger pot with fertilized soil, put about an inch of peat moss at the bottom, then add fine potting soil. Put the original young plant in the center of this larger pot. At this stage the plant should get about 16-20 hours of light daily and make sure you also keep the soil moist.

Check the sex of your plant by identifying whether there’s a bud, the male plant does not produce a bud but, the female plant does. The male plant won’t produce marijuana with good medical properties so you may toss those out and keep them for later pollination.

After making the switch from the young plant to the large pot it should take about 8-16 weeks for it to be harvest ready. It’s best to harvest when half of the hairs (trichomes are the “hairs” on the appendage of the plant) are milky.

And there you have it, your own home-grown medical marijuana guide. You can use cannabis as you please, legally of course. But if you’re not down for the planting process, you can order marijuana online or order pot online.

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