How to Properly Clean your Gear ?


We all love the enjoyment that comes along with smoking a packed bowl at the end of a hard day.  However, we also know the frustration of running out of clean cannabis gear.  Smoking out of a cannapipe that has not been properly cleaned or sanitized can lead to a world of problems.  Most commonly, people who don’t keep their gear cleaned face the risk of lung infection as well as other health problems.  So grab your pipes, bongs, chillums and clutches and get ready to do some much needed spring cleaning.

Here are some of the best tools at your disposal for properly cleaning and sanitizing your favorite marijuana smoking gear:

  1. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol has been used for many things from first aid to tough cleaning.  However, rubbing alcohol can be any cannabis lover’s best friend.  Rubbing alcohol literally grabs onto any residue living deep in your pipe and draws it out without harming your equipment.

  1. Cotton Swaps

These magical little cotton sticks do an amazing job of deep cleaning all those stubborn little corners of any pipe.  Best of all, they even do a great job of drying out your pipe so that dirty water doesn’t sit still causing bacteria to grow.

  1. Pipe Cleaners

You may be surprised to know that pipe cleaners have many more uses than just basic arts and crafts.  Not only do pipe cleaners twist and bend to make any odd shape of your bong, they also do an amazing job of scrubbing down hard to reach places.

  1. Dishwasher
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If you are lucky enough to have a dishwasher in your home, use it!  Dishwashers do not only a great job of cleaning out left over gunk from your pipe but will also sanitize your gear for you.

  1. Wire brush

A long handle wire brush is perfect for tackling tougher grim like the ones you would find in glass bongs.  The most important thing to remember about using a wire brush is that they are more abrasive than other tools.  So don’t use them on plastic or acrylic pipes because you will scratch it up.

Now that you have the tools you need, it is time to start cleaning your gear.  Here is the best way to clean specific cannabis pipes so that you can keep your high, and your lungs, happy.

  1. Chillums

Chillums are a great way to enjoy bud a little bit at a time.  However, they are equally as hard to clean.  This is because the long glass pipe has hard to reach parts that can collect grim and bacteria over time.  Start by soaking your chillum in a bowl of rubbing alcohol.  Leave the chillum to rest overnight for tough and stuck on grim.  Next, swipe the mouth piece with cotton swap to remove residue.  Reach the long end of the pipe with a pipe cleaner and then finish off with a clean rinse of water.  After your chillum is clean, boil it slowly in hot water to sanitize it and leave it to dry.

  1. Water Bong

Depending on the material your bong is made out of, you will have to clean your bong different ways.  If you have an acrylic water bong, give a run through the dishwasher to completely clean and sanitize it.  This may take a few different times through the dishwasher in order to remove the grime.  Spot treat stuck on residue with pipe cleaners and rubbing alcohol in between each wash.

  1. Glass Pipe
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Handmade glass pipes are a really cool addition to any cannabis collection; however, they are not always easy to clean.  Also, you need to be especially gentle because these one of a kind pipes are often irreplaceable.  Leave you pipe to soak in rubbing alcohol overnight and then grab a wire long handle brush.  Take your time and go slow.  While most glass pipes can handle the abrasive cleaning, nothing can ruin a high more than a scratched up collection piece.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let your high get ruined by dirty and outdated cannabis pipes.  Even water bongs have a shelf life.  So, if you feel like your bong isn’t performing the way it used, it might be time for a new one.  There are constantly new products coming out that make smoking more enjoyable.  So stay ahead of the curve and stock up.

In the meantime, grab your rubbing alcohol and get to work.  Making a routine out of cleaning your pipes can keep your smoke fresh and clean each and every time you are ready to light up.  The biggest thing to remember is not to be lazy.  Don’t grab that dirty pipe no matter how desperate you may be.  If you are impatiently waiting for your pipes and bongs to clean, try using good old rolling papers in the meantime.  You can even use your cleaning down time as a great way to try out some edibles.  Stay clean and good luck.

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