How to Safely and Securely Buy Marijuana Online

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Purchasing marijuana online is not the illegal, undercover operation it was a few years ago. Now that California legalized recreational use on January 1 this year, acquiring marijuana products has never been easier. As with everything in life, though, there are positives and negatives. You may not need a doctor’s letter anymore, but know that fraudsters are simply thriving in this new marketplace.

Ordering marijuana delivery can be risky. After all, you are handing out your address. Payments are not always secure. A marijuana sale could just be a low-grade weed. You could pay for top quality and get the worst. You could receive nothing at all. For these reasons, it is vitally important that you understand how to find legitimate websites when you buy marijuana online, as well as how to use them.

Safe Marijuana Shipping

If you are purchasing marijuana online, the most basic fact to remember is that you must find a reputable website. One with a license to operate legally, which guarantees quality and holds the company accountable for its services. Many claims made online are either outright lies or half-truths. You will need to do some research to make sure nobody is swindling you.

There are several ways to do your homework, the first of which is to find user reviews of the site. People will tell you if there is a risk of fraud. They will leave feedback on the actual site and around the Internet. If the majority of reviews are positive, then you will likely have a good experience too. If not, rather find another site. You want marijuana delivery with user-backed recommendations, quality guarantees, and:

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Obtaining marijuana products has been extremely difficult for years. It always involved extensive paperwork, medical verification, personal validation and email confirmation, which deterred most would-be buyers. Fortunately, buying marijuana online has never been simpler than it is now. The hassles that made weed shopping so trying in the past no longer exists today.

Now, you only need to sign up to create an account. Nobody should be asking you for anything but your name and your email address. That is all. Once you have confirmed your new account via an email sent to your inbox, you will have access to the highest quality marijuana products available and can have them delivered to directly to your door within 45 minutes or, if you live in a remote area, the next day.


You want to use a website that has a license to operate legally. Anyone older than 21-years of age has the right to buy marijuana products for recreational purposes. Now that weed is legal in California, and medicinally, recreationally or both in most other states, it is clear that most of the population is using cannabis and the old stigmas surrounding it are fast disappearing.

The police will no longer arrest you for growing a few plants in your backyard. They are not going to stop and search you. If you are driving with open marijuana products in your car, then you may find yourself in trouble, but otherwise, nobody cares anymore. However, it is still illegal to purchase marijuana online from an unlicensed marijuana shipping service.

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For your own safety, check that the company you use is licensed and reputable. Ordering marijuana delivery will ensure that cops do not mistakenly arrest you for having pot in your car. A licensed company is accountable for the service it provides. It will not steal your money or delivery inferior quality. The risk is too high that the state will not renew its license, so make sure that it has one.

Trusting a Marijuana Shipping Service

Finding a pot shop that you trust is key to buying marijuana online safely and securely. There should be an abundance of information available on its website to help you make the best choice, as well as experts to ask. With hundreds of marijuana products on offer, knowing what to buy is overwhelming. A trusted retailer will provide everything you need to know about the different strains. Research them.

Another trick to ensuring a website is legitimate or not is to check for laboratory analysis. To comply with state laws regulating quality and more, companies must test every marijuana product they sell. Each tested item will have information about the strain, how much THC it contains and how much CBD is in it. There should be terpene profiles and crucial data on other cannabinoids, as well. If not, stay away.

You can also find out if a marijuana shipping service will actually deliver your purchases by contacting them directly. Get in touch with potential suppliers and ask as many questions as you can. If they get back to you quickly, then that is a very good sign. However, if they take ages to respond to you, or if they do not reply at all, then it is safe to say you should look elsewhere.

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