How to Treat Muscle Spasticity with Marijuana

How to Treat Muscle Spasticity with Marijuana

Spasticity, often a symptom of another disease, such as multiple sclerosis, is itself a clinical condition that causes hyperactivity of tendons and muscle reflexes. It often causes paralysis, and frequently coexists with clonus, an issue that results in rhythmic, involuntary relaxing and contracting of muscles. Caused by dysfunctional performance of motor neurons, it affects overall mobility enormously. 

In cases of spasticity, muscles become unusually tight, unable to relax and contract without immense and conscious effort. In part, spasticity results from an overabundance of the bio-chemical GABA, which causes excessive firing of motor neurons and prevents involuntary muscle contraction. Even with drugs available, more and more sufferers are relying on a marijuana delivery service for relief. Why? 

Current Treatments for Spasticity

Doctors commonly prescribe Baclofen to treat spasticity, one of several drugs that block GABA activity. When GABA, which is amino acid neurotransmitters, cannot bind to receptors properly, the result is a reduction in abnormal muscle contractions and errant firing of neurons. However, Baclofen and other GABA-blockers come with a long list of horrible, impossible to live with side effects. 

Drugs such as these cause vomiting and extreme weakness. They also cause sedation, somnolence, seizures, pupil dilation, headaches, dizziness, itching, bradycardia, hypothermia, hypertension, hyperreflexia, coma, and even death. They depress respiratory function, making breathing difficult, and they also wreak havoc on mental and emotional health, frequently causing extreme depression. 

Marijuana and Spasticity

Historically, people have been using cannabis for centuries to relieve both physical and mental tension. Now, scientists are discovering how it works, as well as hundreds of new therapeutic applications for it. Recent data shows cannabinoids, the active compounds in marijuana, interacting with cellular receptors in the brain and body responsible for most functions, including those related to muscle performance. 

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Evidence is growing, particularly in using marijuana for spasticity. Several clinical trials are now complete. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, “emerging literature on the effects of endocannabinoids and new cannabinoid-derived molecules on multiple sclerosis could lead to the development of promising models for the therapy and management of disabling symptoms.” 

These symptoms include muscle spasticity, among others. In another study into spasticity specifically, also published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, findings conclude that there exists “a large amount of evidence to support the view that the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, d9-THC, and cannabinoids in general, can reduce both muscle spasticity and pain.” 

The role of cannabinoids is growing in importance as scientists discover more about them. According to yet another clinical study in patients with multiple sclerosis, by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the authors wrote: “THC and CBD appears to be a good alternative to standard treatment, as it improves refractory spasticity in MS and has an acceptable toxicity profile for 80 percent of participants.” 

Using Marijuana to Treat Spasticity

A marijuana delivery service can provide what you need to get relief from spasticity, but there are some things to know about using it. Cannabis affects people differently, with some more tolerant of it than others are. Furthermore, it can affect the efficacy of existing medications, so always consult with your doctor before starting cannabis therapy. He or she can help you work out the right dosages. 

  • Find Quality

If you are going treat spasticity with marijuana, then you need quality. Low-grade weed might not as effective as you need it to be, which is why you should always use medical-grade cannabis when treating a health condition. Only choose cannabis products that go to an independent laboratory for testing. Results from these tests, displayed on labels and product pages, will tell you exactly the quality you get. 

  • Play with Strains

Thousands of cannabis strains exist today, with breeders adding new ones every day. Not all weed is the same. Some strains are energizing, better suited to daytime use. Others are lazy, ideal for late afternoon and evening use. Still others are tranquilizing, able to put you to sleep for several hours. You will have to experiment some with different strains to find those you most enjoy, and in your specific circumstances. 

  • Choose Products

In addition to deciding which strains, and ultimately which effects, you most prefer, you will also need to choose among a variety of different products. You can buy cannabis flowers, which are the most popular choice, or you can try it in concentrated form, which is easier to dose accurately. Oils, edibles, tinctures, vaping cartridges; all of these are widely available, and they all have their own unique effects. 

  • Identify Dosages

Dosing is important when treating a medical condition. Those who enjoy the “high” worry less about consuming too much, but if you need relief from spasticity, you certainly do not want to take too little. Dosages are very personal. You will need to work out the best dose for you by starting slowly and gradually increasing your dose until you find your happy balance. Your doctor can help with this. 

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Marijuana Delivery Los Angeles

If you are suffering from spasticity, then you can order cannabis from home. There is no need to endure the challenges of fetching it yourself when a marijuana delivery service can bring it to your door. Most dispensaries offer a delivery service for medical users, and even some recreational stores will oblige too. Just make sure to research the company beforehand. Scrutinize its client reviews and testimonials first.

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