Huge Demand as Nevada Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

Nevada Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

Nevada just legalized recreational pot. The first day of legal marijuana sales saw fireworks, long queues, and even a wedding to celebrate the momentous occasion. This is now the eight state allowing dispensaries to sell weed recreationally, and initial sales show that the people of Nevada have huge demands and expectations for the marijuana industry.

Recreational Marijuana in Nevada

Fireworks rang in the new law, lighting the night sky green. People waited in queues for hours to buy legal weed legal for the first time, and there were hundreds of them. The occasion was festive and highly anticipated. People emptied ATMs across the state in readiness for cash only sales, and they crammed into showrooms to get a glimpse of what the future industry will look like.

Even State Senator Tick Segerblom got in on the action. In fact, he was the very first person to purchase legal marijuana in Nevada. Since people consider him the “godfather of the cannabis movement,” the gesture was fitting. Experts estimate that over the next two years, legal marijuana sales in Nevada will generate as much as $60 million in tax revenue for the state’s coffers.

Laws for Legal Marijuana Sales in Nevada

Adults in Nevada can now possess an ounce of weed on their person. Voters approved this law in November 2016 and it requires that “adults” be 21-years or older. Cannabis is still illegal under the federal government, however. Because of federal weed laws and Nevada’s own state casino laws, there will be no marijuana dispensaries located anywhere near the famous Las Vegas Strip.

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Taxes for legal marijuana sales will be exorbitant. According to Sen. Segerblom, cannabis is now the most heavily regulated and taxed industry in all of Nevada. Consumers will pay 33 cents in tax every time they purchase weed anywhere in the state. Retailers, cultivators, transporters, and everyone between will also pay their share in taxes and licensing fees.

Although legal adults may now carry small amounts of marijuana with them at all times, it remains illegal to consume it publically. You may only use weed privately, in the privacy of your own home or that of a friend or loved one. Weed is still illegal in bars, restaurants, casinos, concerts, parks, federal land, and other public spaces. If caught, you will pay a $600 fine for publically smoking weed.

A Wedding to Celebrate Legal Marijuana Sales in Nevada

Getting married in Las Vegas is notoriously easy. The city has an abundance of quirky wedding chapels. To celebrate the first day of recreational sales in the state, one couple chose to marry in a giant cannabis greenhouse. Proudly carrying a bouquet of cannabis leaves, the bride was full of smiles. Tucked into the groom’s coat pocket was a gigantic, dense bud. There was an abundance of festive celebrations.

Nevada Issues Receipts for Legal Marijuana Sales

To get a receipt confirming the legality of a cannabis purchase pleased many consumers. Huge numbers had in the past experienced arrest for possession and trouble with law enforcement, but today, Nevadans can buy pot without such worries, as they have receipts to prove legal sales. Although recreational weed is now legal in Nevada, it is still important to comply with state laws and regulations.

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  1. Avatar for Roscy Roscy July 12, 2017 / 10:36 pm / Reply

    Great News. looking for others state news.

  2. Avatar for Will Will July 18, 2017 / 12:17 pm / Reply

    Hell yeah, this is exciting! bring on the ganja smoke sessions!

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