Investing in Pot Has Never Been Easier

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Investing in pot on the United States Stock Exchange has never been easier, thanks to a Canadian company.

Paving the way for marijuana to be traded as a public commodity is the Cronos Group which has been given approval by the Securities Exchange Commission to be listed on the NASDAQ.

The Cronos Group now becomes the first company on American soil to sell marijuana shares and so open the doors to the public to join the multi-billion-dollar weed industry.

America’s legalized pot industry has an estimated $50 billion price tag by 2026, and the Cronos Group’s initiative paves the way for the public to make some real returns on investments in marijuana.

So, instead of pot-heads seeing their dreams going up in a puff of smoke, they now have a real opportunity to make money by investing in their beloved commodity.

Cronos sales platform

Previously, while American investors were not banned from speculating in the Cronos Group’s marijuana shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange, they could only do so via the ETF (exchange-traded fund) industry or, more specifically, the ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF that trades on the NYSEArca in Chicago. As a listed NASDAQ commodity, Cronos’ marijuana sales platform has circumvented that convoluted process.

Nevertheless, reports indicate that American investors remain uneasy about marijuana as a tradable commodity.

According to Cronos’ CEO, Mike Gorenstein, Americans remain unsure about purchasing Canadian cannabis stocks. He confirmed that he still received calls about the issue from prospective American investors.

However, Gorenstein, who grew up in the U.S., says most of the Cronos investment sector came from States-side.

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Legalities make investors uneasy

At present, 29 American states have legalized recreational marijuana sales, while nine others have legalized weed for recreational use. But, because the herb is classified as a Schedule One drug – in the same category as heroin – and is therefore illegal in terms of federal law, the investment sector remains cautious.

The cloudy issue of legality is not lost on Gorenstein who says that his company will not enter the American market from a sales or production standpoint until such time as marijuana is declared legal by the federal government.

The Cronos Group is a medical cannabis producer and, ironically, its NASDAQ trading ticker symbol is “CRON”. According to the Urban Dictionary, Cron refers to anything hip or cool, such as weed.

The Cronos Group is a major industry player because of its international ties:

—-> The company exports its products to Germany

—-> It is building a marijuana facility in Israel

—-> It has obtained a license, via a joint venture, in Australia

Local players seek investors

So, while Americans decide whether or not to invest in Canadian weed in the hope that their journey of faith will not go up in a puff of smoke, industry players are hard at work seeking to fund the burgeoning local market.

Take the Californian technology and distribution company, Pot Valet, for example.

With headquarters in Santa Monica, California, the company started operations in 2014 and today serves more than 10,000 customers state-wide. The advent of legalized marijuana for recreational use has now opened the doors for Pot Valet to expand its services and areas of operation, and CEO, Zackary Brown, is currently negotiating with several high-profile investors, as well as a venture capitalist firm, who are keen to get a slice of the burgeoning pot trade.

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Pot Valet already has two private investors, as well as an unnamed A-List celebrity, among its investors, all of whom have thrown their money into this new era of legalized weed that many see as an opportunity to create untold wealth.

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