Is Cannabis Safe with a COVID-19 Vaccine?

After too-long isolation, most people are ready to resume normal life. COVID-19 vaccines are becoming increasingly available. Normalcy is possible. For the recently vaccinated, it is reason for celebration. However, many have concerns about how to mark this milestone, especially with alcohol. What about those of us who prefer weed? Should we order cannabis delivery? Is it safe to use with vaccination? 

What Studies Say

Currently, there exists no evidence to suggest that either alcohol or cannabis interacts with COVID-19 vaccines at all. The trials did not track or exclude its use, mind you. They paid no attention to cannabis in any way. However, it also found no reports of ill effects anywhere. Not even one case. Since much of the population uses either alcohol or cannabis, some even both, this dismisses any need for concern. 

Further, anecdotal evidence suggests no ill effects from using cannabis either pre-vaccination or afterwards. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with more than 300 million doses already dispensed, the number of new COVID-19 cases remains steadfastly in decline. This proves the efficacy of the vaccine, as well as its tolerance for cannabis use. 

Cannabis Tips for COVID-19 Shots

Doctors, scientists, and public health experts all claim to see no evidence showing harm from using cannabis either before or after vaccination. However, there is some cause for worry about how folks consume it. Since COVID-19 causes respiratory complications in severe cases, experts advise those susceptible or otherwise vulnerable to avoid inhaling cannabis smoke. Any smoke, for that matter. 

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Adhere to Routine

It is important to stick to routine during times of stress. Further, if folks order their usual cannabis delivery, then there is little to no need to act cautiously about using weed. The body creates its own levels of protective antibodies to fight coronaviruses. Many studies actually suggest that cannabinoids can help strengthen this response. In this way, they actually enhance vaccine efficacy. 

If you use cannabis every day, and feel it necessary, then almost all medical specialists recommend you continue using it. Quitting might cause unwanted stress, which in turn raises cortisol levels in the body. Rather stick to your routine. Your body and mind are used to it, and your cannabis use can ultimately prove advantageous in heightening your immune response. 

If you are a newbie to weed, then some caution might be wise. Those having just received their shots should wait 24 hours before searching Google for “weed delivery near me.” Discuss cannabis with your doctor and work out a treatment plan. This will give you time to adjust your doses accordingly, since you can monitor the effects of cannabis on your mind and body first. 

Consider Tolerance Breaks

While no studies associate cannabis use with a lesser immune response after the vaccine, experts suggest that very heavy users consider a short tolerance break. This will increase both the health benefits and effects of cannabis during vaccination, which might just improve the whole experience for you. Heavy use can dull the effects of weed over time. A short break can sharpen them again. 

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As with all medicines, cannabinoid-based therapies trigger an immune response. At normal doses, this is in no way problematic, but those consuming extremely high doses should consider a short break. By extremely high doses, doctors are referring to 100 milligrams of cannabidiol, or CBD, and higher. Fortunately, cannabis offers some notable advantages for those using it. 

For one, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that the newly vaccinated discuss using over-the-counter medications for treating vaccine side effects, such as Ibuprofen, for example. These drugs, and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, actually slow the body’s production of important antibodies. However, cannabis is different. 

Like NSAIDs, cannabis also has anti-inflammatory properties. However, unlike NSAIDs, cannabis is safe compared to pharmaceutical drugs. What is more, cannabis is also analgesic, so it will help with pain, headache, and fever, all symptoms associated with vaccine side effects. It does all of this without causing any unwanted side effects of its own, again unlike NSAIDs, which can be fatal in large doses. 

Stay Home 

The side effects of a COVID-19 can be heavy and include several days of lethargy, weakness, fever, aches, and chills, more. The first vaccine is especially hard. Most do not want to go out afterward, and those that feel fine should rather stay home a few days too, just in case. You might consume even less weed during this time, or you might consume more. Either way, it will certainly help those first few days. 

It is unlikely that you will feel in the mood for partying. You probably will want to stay home anyway. For most, the second dose is easier, with side effects less severe. By then, you will likely be back in your old routine, using cannabis as you normally would, whether vaping, ingesting, or yes, even inhaling, and without being any the worse for it. 

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Weed Delivery Santa Monica 

While defeating COVID-19 is still a ways away, none of the many newly vaccinated report any adverse side effects from using cannabis at any time. Weed lovers across California can relax knowing they can continue to use it after getting their jabs. In fact, cannabis delivery is an essential service. You can search Google for “weed delivery near me” and have it arrive at your door within the hour. 

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