Is Spring Best for Growing Cannabis Outdoors?

Spring is the most important month when growing Cannabis outside. It may seem overwhelming at first, but the benefits of outdoor growing way exceed any challenges of planting seasonally. Spring is the time for germinating seeds, for rapid growth. A long vegetative season is ideal for those wanting to get the highest yield possible. Getting your plants outside early spring is paramount.

Seeds via Marijuana Delivery

Since spring is when you want to get your seeds growing Cannabis, preparation ahead is helpful. Try to get your seeds long before you intend planting them, at least a few weeks. You want quality and quality alone. Anything less is wasting effort and time. Before searching “weed delivery near me,” research where to get the best seeds. Once you know who or where is best, you can start thinking about the strain to grow.

Climate is everything when considering which strain you want to cultivate. Different strains have different needs and require different conditions. Sativa-dominant strains typically take longer to flower. They yield less and are most suited to those with a long growing season. Those in areas with shorter seasons are best for Indica-dominant strains. They require less flowering time and yield much more.

Start Inside

If you start growing Cannabis seeds inside first, before moving them outside, yields are notably more come fall. Experts recommend planting seeds indoors during December, ideally in temperatures ranging between 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, with humidity around 50 percent. Light is also essential for the vegetative phase, so make sure they get at least 18 hours of daily light, even more.

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Once frost recedes, you can just move your seedlings outside. They should be quite big at this point already. You can leave them outdoors right through spring and summer, where they will continue to grow rapidly until they start flowering in the fall. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, this flowering period continues several weeks before harvesting at highest potency.

Make Beds Beforehand

It is always good to have loosened soil available when time for planting comes. Winter will compact your soil, so turn it over just before spring and add a layer of cured compost to it. Worms will aerate it naturally, which will have huge benefit for the roots of your plants, giving them all the space they need to grow as big as possible.

Germinate In Spring

Spring is the time for growth. If you can get your seeds planted and seedling size at spring’s arrival, then you give them optimal time to benefit from a long growing season. Germinate at winter’s end, inside, under a warm lamp. Grow them knee height before transplanting them outside. Soak them in a moist towel, in a warm area, and wait for the taproot to appear.

When the seeds sprout, after around four days, carefully transfer them into your chosen growing medium, planted one-inch or so deep. Once planted, give them 24 hours of light every day to give its vegetative state a good start. A full light cycle will have them grow strong before spring arrives, ready for moving outside at the first possible opportunity.

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Prune in Vegetative Phase

Since spring is the time for massive growth, it is essential that you use this time to take care of your plants. Give them nutrients to support the vegetative stage, and secure their location from frost and other factors that could stress and kill your plants. Prune regularly, and check your plants thrice weekly for damage and pests. When nodes appear, there are myriad pruning techniques to try.

Consider Foliar Feeding

During rapid growth, plants benefit enormously from foliar feeding. Not only does it keep plants dust-free, but it also feeds nutrients in a way that can further aid their growth. The process is simple enough: Simply spray your plants with a mild nutrient solution. Spray both sides of the leaves, both the top and underneath, every morning to prevent the sun burning any leaves.

Toward the end of summer, when the light starts getting less each day, plants will start flowering. Of course, they still need care during this time, including potassium and phosphorus nutrients when they are in this stage. Nutrients are essential, an assurance, and an investment, that your plants will be as big as they can possibly be.

Marijuana Delivery in Santa Monica

Growing Cannabis outdoors is a long process. Seasons have their own times and making use of spring will make the fall truly rewarding. Until then, relying on marijuana delivery might still be necessary. When searching “weed delivery near me,” just remember to research everybody first. Once harvest comes, you will have spring-, summer-, and fall-grown weed, which is frankly the best there is.

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