Legal Weed Inevitable in Illinois, Likely Soon

Legal weed inevitable

According to a one industry expert, the Illinois State is likely to attain recreational marijuana.

The CEO of HCI Alternatives situated in Springfield, Mr. Chris Stone, said that legal marijuana almost became inevitable after the law makers in Illinois made its approval back in the year 2013. He added that due to the fact that when a medical program is done, it usually takes an approximate duration of five or six years before its implementation into a recreational program.

With much anticipation, he anxiously awaits a powerful push by the law makers and advocates to endorse the legalization in the legislative session of 2018 being the year of election. Further, Stone said that this will offer a milestone towards the success chances of the recreational program later in the year 2019 and begin its operation in the year 2020.

According to the latest report, Stone said the State of Illinois ranks top in the fifteen states with likelihood to legalize marijuana. This is due to the attitude the law makers have recently had towards marijuana which generates millions of dollars annually through tax and this ignites the drive of its legalization.

He insisted that it is more pitiful to find out that the state runs a budget that is unbalanced which is about $3 billion out of whack, whereby the infrastructure is under standard due to the inability of the State to construct worthy roads and bridges for over ten years the recreation program will be generating revenue legally instead of the black market. This pushes a great need for legalization of such a wonderful recreational program to put the state the same level with other surrounding states. Other states including Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, just but to mention a few, who have already legalized marijuana, generate higher revenues and still experience lower rates of crime and hence Illinois legalizing marijuana recreation would not be a surprise speculation.


In addition, he said that the recreational program will be a good source for employment opportunities for people living in Illinois hence elevate their living standards through the earnings they will attain.

He further said that the fiscal crisis in Illinois requires quick solutions involving new creative ideas like the legalization of marijuana which involves a bill to endorse it. The high revenues collected from this recreational marijuana would aid the most horrible victims of the State’s budget crisis like the ill and the elderly through social programs.

The State of Illinois would be raising up to $1 billion in every year from recreational marijuana if they legalize marijuana with which it raises capital from sales, dollars from tourists and the money saved from the police who spend much on the war against crimes related marijuana”, added Stone. Regulation and taxation of marijuana will not be the ideal solution to the State’s budget crisis, but will also offer a major revenue stream that would be aimed at helping the sick and those who are disabled.

Marijuana sales and tourism dollars if added to the money police departments and jails would not have to spend on marijuana crimes. Stone said recreational marijuana could be worth $1 billion a year to the state of Illinois.

It is quite costly for the police to be arresting and prosecuting marijuana offenders, this is according to a FBI report that records that since the year 1995, 12 million people have been arrested because of the same a process that has involved gun violence and other bad outcomes.

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Far from that, recreational marijuana will offer a hub for medicinal purposes whereby marijuana will be used for its medicinal value for example according to researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), vindicated that THC, CBD and several cannabinoids after several trials conductions in preclinical and clinical, the extracts can be essential in treating symptoms of illness and other conditions of diseases like multiple sclerosis (MS), inflammation, pain, seizures and many more that affect the immune system. The people of Illinois State would also be advantaged though this legalization since marijuana used on medical grounds, can treat and even prevent an eye infection called glaucoma that usually increase the pressure in the eye ball hence damaging the optic nerve leading to a permanent vision loss. The population of Illinois with blindness due to glaucoma will be diminishing if this legalization is enacted.

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    Great information for Recreational marijuana, Marijuana sales, tourism and cost of marijuana offenders prosecution.

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