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Included in most cannabis delivery these days are solventless extracts. Cannabis concentrates is a popular market growing rapidly with no sign of slowing down. In most legal industry, sales of extracts are climbing consistently as they take larger shares of the market each year. Due to high demand for cannabis extracts, as well as emerging market trends, companies are innovating at a mindboggling pace.

This is profitable for leading companies, but for consumers, the phenomenon is especially exciting. Fans do not argue the benefits of having available options. However, not long ago, just a year or two, buying solventless concentrates was difficult. Kief, cold-water hash, and rarely, old-style pressed hashish were all you could get. Everything else came with residual solvents, most notably butane and propane.

Unfortunately, solvents are harmful, even in trace amounts. According to Environmental Health Perspectives, the extraction process cannot and does not remove all residual chemicals, putting  both consumers and the environment at risk of contamination. Now, solventless extracts are here. New technologies use heat extraction methods, shifting the market in favor of no chemicals at all.

Concentrates made using heat extraction attract enormous interest. Those, such as rosin, prove especially reinvigorating within communities now appealing for solventless extraction innovations that pave the way for a whole new generation of extracts within legal markets. This paradigm shift away from solvents is accurately measurable by the increasing options now available to users today:


Rosin changed the game. It opened doors for new products to enter market. Some, like solventless shatter, dabs, wax, and others, are a type of rosin that is glass-like and stable in consistency, easily confusable with butane hash in oil in resemblance. However, solventless rosin derives from nothing more than pressure and heat. Literally nothing else.

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Achieving hash oil with this consistency requires using a good combination of quality genetics, heat, pressure, and period of exposure. Some cannabis strains are more suitable for rosin making than others are, being stickier and containing a richer terpene profile. Trichome degradation and cure time also affect consistency of hash oil significantly in the rosin form.

Many cannabis precursors are suitable for making rosin, including newly harvested and cured buds, as well as water hash, kief, even trim. The flavor, consistency, and color profiles all will differ notably according to the precursor used. Most solventless extracts are also available in less stable, sappier forms. Color can also differ from a dark amber to a golden opacity.

These various nuances all depend on genetics used, time of harvest, and cure time. Exposure, pressure, and heat also play a role in rosin consistency. High heat tends to stabilize products, think wax and shatter, while cooler temperatures create sappier products, with notably less stability. All are available for cannabis delivery. Their respective niche markets are just exploding in popularity.

Freeze-Dried Hash Oil

Instead of using heat, some solventless extracts are the result of incorporating the coldest aspects of the thermal spectrum during production. Using sub-zero temperatures keep trichomes perfectly suspended, effectively stopping their cycle of degradation at the time of freezing. Freeze-dried hash oils have unique benefits all their own.

By freezing trichomes at the right time, you preserve volatile and valuable tepidness that would not survive any other method of extraction. Because this technology is still new and very sophisticated, the machines used to create freeze-dried extracts are especially pricy. Consumers pay for this, but as new products enter the market and competition grows, these products should become more affordable.

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Budder is another variety of solventless hash oil. Also called “whipped” rosin or “cake batter,” budder incorporates the use of extreme agitation and mild temperature to rosin. The result is a butter look, similar in appearance to batter or salve. Agitating trichomes increases their aromatic properties enormously, making hash oil notably more pungent that other types of cannabis extract.

Agitation also creates a creamier consistency, considered easier and more convenient to work with when using dab rigs or vaporizers. Although most dispensaries are now selling “whipped” solventless budder, you can actually make it yourself at home. The process is easy. You just use readymade rosin, and then whip it up with a warm dabbing tool, literally the way you would make the cake batter.

Cannabis Dispensaries Vacaville

As the expanding extract market continues to explode and innovate, demand will maintain its growth spike and inspire entrepreneurs to make products that are even more exciting for extract lovers everywhere. If you live in Vacaville, or anywhere in a legal state, you can order rosin, in its many different forms, via cannabis delivery.

Rosin was the precursor to a completely new world of full melt hash oils. Demand is reinvigorating the market, inspiring companies, and exciting consumers. As demand continues its rise, new solventless products will emerge, inevitably improving the consistency, flavor, potency, and effect of hash oils across the world. The days of solvent-riddled butane hash oil, bubble hash, and kief are long gone.

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