Majority Said Yes to Medical Cannabis in Ohio but Benefits Are Yet to be Enjoyed

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Despite having successfully passed the medical marijuana bill that would see the availability of marijuana for sale to patients, residents in Troy, Ohio are yet to celebrate the win. The matter has been put under a city hearing. However, as it stands today, medical marijuana is now authorized in Ohio. The only opposition is coming from a number of local cities that are appealing towards the decision that was uninanimously passed by the majority of people in the land. The public hearing on medical weed is now taking place at the city of Troy. On October 17, 2016, residents from either side of the issue came out to express their opinions concerning the matter. One of the women in the protests said that weed is a gateway herb and it should be banned in Troy. However, the drug gained support from two other women who believed that marijuana is a necessity.

What Supporters Said
The proponents of the passing of medical marijuana for sale to patients believe that the drug will play a big role in treating some of the conditions they have. On resident of Troy, Aimee Shannon said that life had been difficult for her right from getting out of the bed and having a shower. She believes that marijuana will help her improve on the quality of life she has at present. At 45 years of age now, Shannon has been struggling with physical pain from a tender age of 7 and despite using Vicodin, Oxycontin and a Fentanyl patch, she has never felt good using them. She has been through so many prescriptions, of which she cannot remember some of them and yet the pain has persisted all these years. In order to get the solution that will suffice, she proposed making available, marijuana for sale to patients like her. She alleged that there are quite a number of people suffering and that medical cannabis would help the situation.

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In her support for availing marijuana for sale to patients, Shannon said that she doesn’t have a desire to use it for recreational purposes and if that was the case, she would go for the 14 Vicodin prescribed to her. Additionally, she said she is also not interested in being lazy despite having the right to do so due to her condition. The motive behind her pursuit for medical cannabis is to get healed of her condition.

Sentiments from Opponents
Despite all this evidence by Shannon, one Mary Louise Boss turned the motion. Boss was of the opinions that weed will only create a lot more issues and can only be termed as a gateway drug. She believed that for Troy to be safe city, health and full of healing and hope, residents need to stay off the drug. While addressing the council members, her assertions were based on the notion that marijuana was not yet scientifically proven of its medical capabilities. Her biggest worry was the message that will be sent to children on seeing marijuana for sale in dispensaries and how this will influence the rate of crime. At the end, she believed that leaders in the city had a big responsibility to take considering the impact that will come through marijuana.

The Only Hope – The State Passed the Motion
People in problems like Shannon are happy that the State passed it but Troy was interfering with the only hope that they have. She is waiting to get news of marijuana for sale in Troy medical dispensaries. More of the support is coming from reports that show marijuana having been effective in the treatment of various diseases and disorders across America and several other places. Ideally, it has been helpful in the treatment of nausea and pain conditions in the human body. Now that the state has passed marijuana for sale to ailing people, the only remaining bit is for Troy to assent to this decision that has already been made.

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  1. Avatar for AB Zimmy AB Zimmy November 10, 2016 / 9:06 pm / Reply

    many doctor use marijuana in the treatment of nausea and pain conditions in the human body. Benefits of marijuana are to be enjoyed.

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