Marijuana Cannabis or Pot for Pregnancy

Pot for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is very critical and admiring stage in a woman’s life. Every lady wants to protect her baby in every possible manner. Some ladies consume alcohol and smoke cigarettes, which can cause ill-effects on the health of a baby. And as you all know that marijuana has many health benefits, but pregnancy can be affected and can lead to severe complications due to the presence of alcohol. Let’s discuss the effects of pot on pregnancy.

Effects of Pot for Pregnancy

Medical marijuana contains cannabinoids and THC in a large quantity and it has around 400 chemicals which can prove harmful for a mother and baby as well. Though, bad effects of marijuana cannabis or pot have not been studied particularly, but due to the presence of alcohol, it is suggested that pregnant ladies should avoid the consumption of marijuana. Many factors like stress, depression, family issues and problems with husband can be responsible for the complications, but why to take a risk with medical marijuana. Consumption of medical marijuana affects the fertility hormones, which as a result affects the menstrual cycle of a woman. And due to the reduction of reproduction capability, pregnancy gets affected. It has been seen in some cases that women who don’t consume medical marijuana have healthier deliveries than those who consumed it.

Effects of Pot on Baby

It is highly recommended not to smoke marijuana or pot in pregnancy as it can cause harm to baby’s health. An active ingredient present in medical marijuana named THC i.e. Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol irritates the placenta of a woman. It slowly enters the baby’s system and harms the baby. Many complications can occur like low baby weight, premature delivery, disabilities and in some cases, even cause death.

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Pot for Pregnancy

According to some studies, some newborn babies showed the bad effects of marijuana on them. It has been seen that babies exposed to marijuana cry more than the others. Medical marijuana can also hinder the development of the brain of the baby. Babies inherit the bad effects of marijuana from their mothers and get problems after their birth. They get the problem in sleeping and are not attentive like normal babies. Impulsive behaviour has been seen in such babies which affect their academic performance.

Mothers who breastfeed their children should not consume marijuana or pot as the harmful chemicals get transferred to the baby through mother’s milk. With the consumption of marijuana, quality of milk deteriorates. The American Academy of Paediatrics has advised the breastfeeding mothers to quit the usage of marijuana cannabis or pot to protect their babies from its side effects. It always becomes difficult to stay away from your addiction, but to protect your baby from any such thing which can cause harm to his health, you have to say goodbye to pot or medical marijuana.

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