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Marijuana is getting more and more acceptable day by day. It is a fair bet that within 10 years we will look back on the era of marijuana prohibition as senseless and draconian, much like slavery, racism, prohibition on alcohol and women’s rights to vote. After all, as it turns out, there are no side effects whatsoever when dealing with marijuana, aside from improved mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. The latest in a long string of societal concessions comes from Northern Michigan University, which has recently offered a medical plant chemistry degree.

Marijuana Majors

Of course, marijuana is still stigmatized as a drug for people who are not really serious about life, something that young people do while still living at home. But with the health effects now being published and the public becoming aware of the benefits, it is a serious medicinal heavyweight. It is the most versatile compound in the word in terms of treating conditions, and aside from cultivation has next to zero human input. And now that marijuana is being taken seriously it opens to doors to a wealth of new possibilities, including employment prospects. There are very few marijuana specialists in the field, given the industry is brand new in terms of its legal status. And this gap needs to be filled, with Northern Michigan University are the first to jump on the opportunity, offering a marijuana related degree. Many other universities will no doubt follow this trend. The stigma still persists, to a degree. Most believe that the course offered by Michigan is a growing course. One individual interested about signing up told the Washington Post:

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When my friends hear what my major is, there are a lot of people who laugh and say, ‘Wow. Cool dude. You’re going to get a degree growing marijuana’…But it’s not an easy degree at all.”

And no, it most definitely won’t be an easy degree. Marijuana is set to become a massive industry. And companies are going to come in and make specialized strains of marijuana, sold at a high price. The pharmajuana medical companies that will doubtless establish themselves in certain states will not take kindly to lazy scientists who turn up to work stoned. Not when millions of dollars are at stake. As always, when money gets involved it is time to get professional. Those who don’t will remain unemployed. The modules listed in the course include organic chemistry, plant physiology, botany, accounting, genetics, physical geography and financial management. Chemistry is often touted to be the hardest of all scientists, and a difficulty field overall in comparison to most.

Marijuana Related Degree Options

A number of accredited colleges and universities offer credit and noncredit courses in marijuana. The University of California at Davis has an undergraduate course on the Physiology of Cannabis, the University of Denver offers a course on the Business of Marijuana and Vanderbilt’s law school has Marijuana Law and Policy course. Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California, calls itself America’s first cannabis college, but offers a certificate rather than a college diploma, according to its website. But Northern Michigan University in Marquette is the first to offer a degree in the sprouting field. According to the website of Northern Michigan University:

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The historical stigma associated with cannabis is quickly vanishing…and although there is a surge in businesses related to the marijuana economy, there is a major gap in educational opportunities available to prepare people for this field.”

Upon graduating from the program students would primarily be expected to go to work in medical marijuana dispensaries (possibly setting up their own) They could map the effectiveness of certain strains of marijuana against certain illnesses and reports from dispensary patients. They could work in the state outlets that will be setup to grow top grade medical marijuana, create their own testing facility or set up their own business directly growing and selling marijuana. The choice is a no brainer for all students who have a genuine interest in the medical applications of marijuana, a passion for chemistry and a desire to earn money. All 3 of these interests should be satisfied upon graduation of the course.

Exponential Opportunities

The opportunities for growth in the marijuana field are incredible and it is definitely an excellent Marijuana College Degrees for those who wish to make money. The field is unexplored and the opportunities are vast. It is a multibillion dollar industry with no established companies as of yet. Students who take organic chemistry along with modules in finance and business could do very well, along with some project management classes.

This is not to say that everybody in the cannabis market is going to be a winner. In fact, there could well be many losers in certain regions as people overestimate what the market can provide and how many people are in it, all thinking the same thing. But while growers, distributors and recreational outfits will fight it out, the smart money is always to be made in specialized niche fields, such as marijuana marketing and packaging companies and associated supplies and activities. These will not be badly affected by changes in legislation as they can provide the same services to other companies. A degree in marijuana plant chemistry definitely fits the classification of niche and they are already in short supply, being virtually nonexistent.

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