Marijuana Compound Kills Cancer Cells

Marijuana has always been a topic of interest for critics and pot lovers but besides the basic question of whether it’s good for health, there are bigger things to consider here. We all now realize, their are a lot of twisted truths about marijuana. One such myth is that the Marijuana Compound Kills Cancer Cells. Before drawing a conclusion out of whim its’ good, take a look at the facts and decide whether or not marijuana has any effect on cancer.
Marijuana Cancer Treatment

What is marijuana?

The common concept of marijuana to a non-smoker, is the drug, if used limitedly can have great medical usage. It also can have some extreme side effects when smoked regularly. So to apprehend whether marijuana compound kills cancer Cells or not it’s it necessary to understand its usages and its contents first. Marijuana is mainly known as cannabis. This medicinal drug was originally a plant of Asia (central). But now it’s being cultivated in different parts of the world. This particular plant produces some chemical compounds, on all of them being cannabinoids. These essential compound contains resin. Some of these compounds act on the brain and bring about changes in one’s mood and their conscious mind. This is one of the main reasons as to why Marijuana has been labelled a drug in the past. According to the federal law in US Medical usage of Marijuana is no longer banned. Some states have already moved forward with legalizing the usage of marijuana.

Whether Marijuana Compound Kills Cancer Cells or not?

It has been proven that cannabinoid acts as an anti-drug in fighting cancer cells from spreading throughout the human body. This cannabinoid is also known as phyto-cannabinoids. The cannabinoid content that actually produces this drug’s effect  like delta-9-THC, CBD or cannabidiol is said to lower inflammation and relieve stress and pain as well. Through much research, it has been found that these cannabinoids do help in treating various side-effects of cancer. Some of the common activities of cannabinoids found through research are:
• Activities related to anti-inflammation
• Blockage of growth of tumor cell
• Blocks the growth of certain blood vessels that boosts growth of tumors
• Activities against viruses
• Relieves pain arising due to muscle spasms related to multiple sclerosis.
These results have been concluded through several research studies. Although it has not been established yet as a fact, many believe that the marijuana compound kills cancer cells.  Marijuana compounds surely have an effect on certain diseases and cancer could be one of them. There are ongoing researches studies on more strains of medical marijuana to find out the exact effects on cancer.

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While it cannot be ascertained that marijuana compound kill cancer cells,  there are a number of research studies which paint a vivid picture that medical marijuana use is beneficial as an anti-drug for cancer. Marijuana treatment has made serious headway on the side effects of cancer, multiple sclerosis and many other diseases

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