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Marijuana concentrates can sometimes be a confusing term in the cannabis industry. Concentrate can be anything like wax, tincture drops, edibles and oils etc. Sometimes people need a bit more THC than the normal plant offers, which is where concentrates come into play. There has been a tremendous increase in the medical marijuana users due to its amazing health benefits. People find it easy to take medical marijuana in the form of edibles and concentrates to treat their medical problems.

marijuana concentrates

Working of marijuana concentrates in the body

When you consume marijuana in the form of edibles, its concentrates enter the body through gastrointestinal tract moving onto the liver for further processing. After processing, the liver transforms the cannabinoids or marijuana concentrate into more powerful 11-hydroxy-THC. Ingestion of marijuana edibles is best for insomnia patients as it shows its positive effects within 45 to 60 minutes and the patient gets to sleep immediately. The effect of marijuana concentrates last for around 6 to 10 hours.

Let’s take a look on the type of marijuana concentrates:

Tincture drops:

Tincture drops is one of the types of marijuana concentrates. It came into existence in 1840s and is the best alternative for medical marijuana patients. The tincture drops is a type of alcohol based solution in which cannabinoids is dissolved to be taken as drops. The drops are put under the tongue of the patient to let it go directly into the bloodstream and then to brain within minutes. These drops can also be put into the food and drinks so that the liver can process it like cannabis edibles. To start with, you can take 1-2 drops moving on with more after seeing the effects on your body. It has fewer calories and doesn’t cause any throat or lung irritation. Due to the presence of alcohol, it tastes unpleasant to some patients. It is suggested to take tincture drops before bedtime as it works best at night.

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Oils are marijuana concentrates which came into existence in 2003 when a man named Rick Simpson used it to treat his skin cancer. He tried a homemade remedy in which he soaked hemp plant in isopropyl alcohol which results in the extraction of therapeutic compounds out of it. And a liquid was prepared from that when the solvent evaporated. This oil is perfect in treating skin ailments and can be applied directly onto the skin.


It has been said that eating raw marijuana doesn’t give that amount of relief which marijuana-infused edible can give. Marijuana oil has therapeutic benefits as it is made by soaking the plant in vegetable oil which leaves the beneficial residue behind. Marijuana edibles are made with cannabis butter or oil. 2-3 drops of oil are put into the food items like cookies, soups, sauces, candies and brownies etc.

So these are some of the marijuana concentrates which you can consume as well as eating raw marijuana. Order marijuana concentrates online at and get free home delivery.

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    I didn’t know how Oil was made, until I read this article. Thanks for the great information, as always! Thank god I found your company, keep up the great work

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    Great read. Thanks for the bit ,on how some concentrates are made. I have subscribed to your future posts

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