Marijuana Edibles for Medication

Marijuana Edibles for Medication

Medical Marijuana has evolved vastly throughout the past years; you can now buy pot in the form of medical edibles. Marijuana edibles are variations of food which including hash brownies, space cakes, candy bars, milk, peanut butter and so much more.  Herb and resin make up a majority of marijuana edibles in California. Edibles are an alternate way to take cannabinoids without smoking or vaporizing cannabis. Edibles gibe the user the user the ability to intake cannabinoid’s in the form of treats like brownies, cakes, cookies, which are consumed and used for medical purposes.   Doctors suggest cannabis for the treatment of various diseases like Glaucoma, Migraine, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, As Anti Aging, Anxiety, Diabetes, Asthma, Pain Relief, Insomnia, Arthritis and AIDS/HIV. Patients consume cannabis edibles every day for medical treatment in California. Some doctors believe edibles are better than traditional ways of using the medicine. Patients generally find out what works for them.

Growing Sophistication of Marijuana Edibles

With the increase sophistication and grades of strains of marijuana edibles, most patients can find exactly what they are looking for. Some patients are looking for hybrid products some India and some Sativa cannabis. Most marijuana edibles have explanations of the specific strain in the marijuana edibles and the amount of THC and CBD levels. There are many manufacturers who provide many different Sativa, indicia or a hybrid strains. Most edibles are easy to divide into portions and consumed.

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 Commandments of Marijuana Edibles Safety

Marijuana edibles are suggested by doctors or people take it for recreational purposes in places like Colorado. But there should always be safety measures in place, which makes sure the patient follows doctor’s proper instructions.

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Thou shalt go low and slow

For taking marijuana edibles start with 10 milligrams of THC. If you eat an edible after you have finished a meal, the digestive may process the edible a little slower than normal. Find you balance

Thou shalt label homemade Pot foods

You can make marijuana edibles homemade food at home. Before preparing, make sure you are careful and prevent accidental ingestion by a friend, roommate, neighbor, house guest, babysitter, family member, etc.

 Thou shalt not mix with alcohol

You can combine the marijuana edible with the alcohol, but most doctors would advise against this.  It can cause nausea and dizziness.

Thou shalt eat a proper dinner

You should take solid, nitrous meal before using  marijuana edibles.

Thou shalt keep away from children

Keep your marijuana edible far away from children.

Patients take cannabis edibles for treatment of various diseases or ailments. Some patients have fun learning cannabis recipes of their favorite food. There are so many fantastic food items that can be infused with cannabis, which many patients enjoy.

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