Marijuana Laws Removing the Cannabis Dispensary

Marijuana Laws Removing the Cannabis Dispensary

On April 24th, Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill to reform the rules for the use of marijuana, and specifically the cannabis dispensary in a move that is sure to improve the way in which marijuana is regulated across the state.  The proposed bill featured seven aspects that the governor ruled out as he signed the bill, although the majority was kept as it had been originally proposed.

The governor’s decision to sign the bill was not made lightly, however he acknowledged that legalization is the way forward in order to create a more regulated system that is safer for the public and users of the drug, especially those who currently rely on visiting marijuana dispensaries for their health problems.

What Does the Bill Mean For the Cannabis Dispensary?

Rather than using the regular marijuana dispensaries, the bill will mean that from next summer, the sale of medical marijuana will be facilitated via the recreational pot stores that began to be used over the past year.   Some changes will need to be made by the stores if they wish to sell medicinal marijuana, such as stocking certain products and ensuring that staff members are sufficiently trained to be able to advise and sell marijuana for medicinal purposes.

How Can Patients Use Recreational Stores Now Instead of A Marijuana Dispensary?

By joining a patient registry, those who have a doctor’s recommendation to use marijuana to access a marijuana dispensary will be able to purchase more marijuana than they would be able to for recreational use, whilst not needing to pay tax on the product either.  It is hoped that changing the law for both recreational and medicinal uses of marijuana will ensure that the current medical system will finally be regulated better than cannabis dispensaries are at present, bringing it more in line with the current and so far successful implementation of laws for recreational use.

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The new bill states that it is up to the medical practitioner as to how much and in what dose marijuana is prescribed to the patient.  Whilst this could mean that patients can now have access to as much treatment as may be necessary for their condition or illness, it would have an alternative consequence, as doctor’s are still regulated by federal laws as well as state laws, and prescribing a substance that is not legal across the country could lead to a doctor losing their license to practice medicine.  To overcome this issue, the governor allowed for small cultivation of the drug by patients for their own use, rather than having crops killed when they are discovered, as was part of the proposed bill.

What Was Omitted From The New Cannabis Dispensary Bill?

Amongst the parts of the bill that the governor decided to rule out of the final bill that he signed was removing the ability for medical centers to prevent their staff from advising for cannabis dispensaries to be used.  It was argued that if all medical professionals are allowed to advise without regulation about the usage of marijuana, then this could lead to the overuse and unnecessary use of the substance, and that the theory behind the suggestion wasn’t exactly well researched at the time of proposition.

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  1. Avatar for Cindy E Cindy E April 27, 2015 / 10:06 pm / Reply

    This is really interesting, so they are now setting forth new regulations and turning medical dispensaries into registered patient centers.. Very cool stuff

  2. Avatar for Ruth Wright Ruth Wright April 28, 2015 / 1:48 am / Reply

    I wish they would legalize it for medicinal use here in Texas. Washington is on the right track, looks like California is too :). Great website, I’m telling some of my friends, I really enjoy the content, its awesome!!!!

  3. Avatar for Jason S Jason S April 28, 2015 / 3:00 am / Reply

    I enjoy reading about new Marijuana regulations throughout the country This is a hot topic and Washington and Colorado seem to be on the forefront of change. Thanks for the good read. I’ll be back to check out more of your content

  4. Avatar for Race Jones Race Jones April 28, 2015 / 7:24 pm / Reply

    So they are reclassifying the Cannabis Collective.. Very cool stuff. Thanks for the info

  5. Avatar for Johnathan Reese Johnathan Reese April 29, 2015 / 12:18 am / Reply

    Cheers.. Enjoyed navigating around the site. A lot of interesting stuff and I’m very satisfied with medical marijuana I received from the Pot Valet delivery service..

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