10 Marijuana Lies You Should Stop Believing

Marijuana Lies and Myths

We have all fallen victim to a hoax or conspiracy theory. One of the communities that have the biggest amount of misinformation floating around is marijuana. How do you spot the lies? While many things can be ignored because of common sense, it isn’t always that easy. Once you know what is real and what is fake you can have a better understanding of the benefits.

Here are the top ten marijuana lies that you should stop believing.

1. Smoking marijuana leads to lung cancer

Perhaps the most popular lie is that marijuana is a gateway drug. This has been proven to be false time and time again. While it is true that some people are more prone to addictions, this has little to do with marijuana. Studies actual show the exact opposite is true. This is because simply, marijuana is not a hard drug.

2. Marijuana harms your memory

While people who are prone to addictions can become reliant on the drug, marijuana itself is not addictive. When you consider other legal substances, marijuana is actual less likely to lead to an addiction. Substances like tobacco and alcohol have a much higher rate of addiction and are more likely to lead to future problems. There are also no studies that show that that youth can become reliant on the drug.

3. Marijuana has no business being used as medicine

We’ve all seen those movies portraying pot smokers as lazy couch dwelling hermits. While there are occasions that call for a proper marijuana shut in, it isn’t always the case. Many people are completely able to live fully functioning lives while using cannabis. This is because marijuana is used to treat social problems like anxiety. This, of course, depends on the strain of marijuana you use. A strong Sativa strain can leave you euphoric while also giving you the energy to power through.

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4. Once legalized, everyone will become a pothead

The most common misconception about cannabis is that it causes lung cancer. This is one of the most popular arguments used by marijuana opponents. There is no evidence showing the link between lung cancer and marijuana. While it is understandable why people may believe this common lie, it is simply untrue. In fact, marijuana has been shown to actual help shrink tumors caused by cancer.

5. Marijuana is addictive

An important thing to remember when using marijuana is that you need to know your limits. This is especially true when it comes to getting high and getting behind the wheel of a car. There is evidence showing that reaction times can be slower in people under the influence of marijuana. However, the same study shows that people using cannabis are much more aware of their state of mind. This means they are less likely to drive a car if they are over the limit.

6. Marijuana makes you a slacker

One of the most important things to note about marijuana is that it is basically impossible to overdose on the drug. The level of THC you would need in your system is impossible for any human to ingest in one sitting. The recent string of marijuana-related overdosed was due to the synthetic strain of marijuana that street sellers are pushing. Legal marijuana has been tested for purity and safety and will not do you harm.

7. Marijuana leads to an increase in crime

The marijuana community is one of the most docile communities you can be a part of. They often take the non-violent stances in most situations. People speculate that when marijuana is legalized there will be an increase in break-ins and crime. In fact, it is the exact opposite that will occur. More people will have access to medical marijuana which can help decrease crime. This is especially true when it comes to street drug crime.

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8. Marijuana causes car crashes

First of all, what’s wrong with that? People who use marijuana are friendlier than your average citizen. They want to spread love while helping people with chronic pain find some relief. However, the argument that everyone will be on the drug is simply not true. This is because of one basic fact; people still have free will.

9. Marijuana is dangerous

This common cannabis lie can be easily dismissed with the easiest of research. There are thousands of pages of data showing that marijuana is extremely beneficial to the medical community. From helping cancer patients to helping to treat anxiety, marijuana is very useful.

10. Marijuana is a gateway drug

Anyone who has been blacked out drunk and can’t remember what trouble they cause knows how scary that is. However, marijuana does not work the same way. The only thing that will come from smoking too much marijuana in one sitting is that you will get a peaceful night’s sleep. Marijuana does not affect your memory or your overall brain power.

Wrapping it up

Knowing the truth about marijuana will help to ease your mind when it comes to enjoying the benefits. While marijuana will always face opposition, they have science on their side. You can’t-do a search about marijuana these days without seeing some new report showing its benefits. So relax and light up. You have nothing to lose.

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  1. Avatar for anoeta parker anoeta parker October 6, 2017 / 8:28 pm / Reply

    I think many people believe fake story and negative information on Marijuana. Knowing the truth about marijuana will help to ease your mind when it comes to enjoying the benefits.

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