Are Marijuana Moms the New Normal?

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“Mom and Me” blogs have been a huge resource among the parenting community for years.  This is where you can find information on how to balance being a parent with how to balance being a human.  However, there is a new wave of mothers to hit the parenting scene in a surprising new way.  There is a large collection of “Marijuana Moms” who have gathered to show their support for the green.  While there has been some pushback from conservative families, these trendy new families don’t seem to be going anywhere.  But, can using marijuana as a mom have much deeper benefits than just a way to unwind at the end of the day?  Here is what we learned.


Post-Partum Depression

While post-partum depression was once something that many new moms were ashamed to talk about, now it is a hot topic.  With one of the most common health problems that new moms suffer from out in the open, there has come new ways to deal with it.  Using marijuana to treat post-partum depression is something that cannabis moms have been experimenting with for years and the results may surprise you.

Post partum depression is an increased in irritability and mood swings and can lead to some serious dark depression if not treated.  While there are medications that help women with post partum depression, many look for a more natural treatment.  So, does marijuana actually help with post partum depression?  The short answer is, yes.  However, it is more complicated than that.

Marijuana has been used to treat depression for a long time.  Marijuana is known for being able to uplift moods and inspire creativity.  Most importantly, marijuana can do this naturally without messing with your internal clockwork.  Marijuana can also help mothers dealing with post partum depression handle stress.  Being a new mom is stressful, so maybe these marijuana moms are onto something!

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The most important thing to consider when treating PPD with marijuana is if it is safe for your child.  Obviously second hand smoke is dangerous that is something to seriously think about.  Also, if you are breastfeeding, you should check with your doctor before turning to cannabis.

Pain Management

One thing that all women experience after giving birth is pain.  This is especially true for women who have had a c-section.  Most women are sent home with some aspirin and a few ice packs.  However, women who underwent surgery do get prescriptions for stronger pain pills.  This of course can lead to addiction and even potential overdose.  Isn’t using marijuana for pain management a much safer way?  Cannabis moms certainly seem to think so!

Pain management isn’t the only thing that marijuana moms are suggesting new mothers use cannabis for either.  Insomnia is also extremely common among new moms.  It isn’t only the lack of sleep; it’s the not being able to sleep.  This goes hand in hand with stress and depression.  Using the right strain of marijuana can help kill insomnia.

Marijuana Moms with Older Children

While most mothers are wary about using marijuana when they have young children in the house, there is another collection of mothers that are onto something.  These are the moms that have put “time in” and find that marijuana helps them get their center back.  Here are the ways that mothers of older children have found that marijuana helps them:

  • Stress management
  • Anxiety
  • Inspiration
  • Sleep management
  • Unwinding
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While marijuana moms are all for the benefits of cannabis, they are not naïve to the dangers.  There are dozens of marijuana mom blogs that talk about the importance of keeping your stash hidden and locked up.  Also, there is a huge discussion about how and when to talk to your children about marijuana.  Many of these mothers claim that having an open and honest conversation has helped their children to stay away from dangerous drugs.  This can also help those same kids have a healthy relationship with marijuana if they chose to when they are older.

Final Thoughts

The age we live in today, marijuana is no longer regarded as the dangerous drug it was once seen as.  So why is there still a stigma surrounding mothers who use marijuana?  These same moms argue that it’s safer for them to unwind with a joint at the end of the day instead of a bottle of wine.  Like most things in life, whether or not you want to use marijuana is a completely personal choice.  The most important thing that these marijuana moms have accomplished is opening the conversation.  This has helped them to remove some of the shame surrounding their choice.  Where can they go from here?  With laws constantly changing when it comes to marijuana, the only way for them to go is up.


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  1. Avatar for mark stuart mark stuart March 26, 2018 / 10:36 am / Reply

    conservative thinking should be changed. Though People are more open minded and serious to get benefit from Medical marijuana.

  2. Avatar for Basher Basher April 20, 2018 / 6:27 am / Reply

    Everything is changing very fast, which is needed. People personally depend on medical marijuana.

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