Marijuana prohibition ends with a yes on Prop 64: Here is the news so far.

Marijuana prohibition ends , Marijuana legalization

January 1st 2018 might see a cannabis dispensary near you obtaining a licence to sell marijuana for recreational use. The change in the legislation attached to the recreational use of the drug in the US state of California has come about due to the passing of Proposition 64 on November 7th 2017. The state-wide Marijuana prohibition has therefore ended has it not? Here is what we know so far about what the new law will allow and what it will not. How it will effect marijuana consumption across the state is still to be seen but whatever happens it will be high times for California’s best cannabis dispensary.

What’s new with Mary Jane?

There will be a lot of happy smokers and users of marijuana in the state of California as Proposition 64 was passed by a slim yet respectable margin. Changes in the law will not only affect the recreational or everyday user, it will bring about change in the way that marijuana is cultivated, distributed and consumed in the state. There are though as always some do’s and don’ts with the passing of any proposition. Here is the news on what changes will take place and when.

Who will it affect, how and when?

California has shown, with the passing of Proposition 64 in a way just how progressive it can be. The sunny state of California has ended its long-lived prohibition of the recreational drug widely known as Marijuana. This change came about on November 7th when a Proposition was passed to legalise the drug across the state. Proposition 64 as it was known, would see a change in the law and therefore the way in which the drug would be grown and sold as a whole.

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While the changes affecting your local cannabis dispensary may only legally occur after 6am on the first day of January 2018, those that effect your new, social or regular smoker came about the moment that the law was passed. With immediate effect the laws regarding how much a person over the age of 21 could use, carry on their person or grow themselves changed. According to mmjdoctor, it is now legal for a person who is over the age of 21 to carry on their person anywhere up to and including 24 grams of marijuana, 6 plants and even a further 8 grams of marijuana in extract forms such as wax and other types. The change is a tremendous salute to the growing culture of marijuana use around the world today. Further changes are more radical still with it now being against the law for a police officer to use the smell of marijuana as a reason or excuse to stop you, to search you, or to search your home or car. This is a victory for smokers everywhere in the state and a large step towards allowing regular smokers the ability to do so comfortably and without fear of arrest or persecution. Not to mention the perks.

A change in this particular law opens doors across the board. It now allows the everyday marijuana consumer to benefit from the massive leaps that have been made behind doors in the marijuana world. For years places like Amsterdam have of course existed where a person can buy marijuana over the counter in certain licensed premises, and there is a charm to it. This law changing in the state of California is something quite a bit more interesting. Some of the world’s best strains of marijuana come from or are cultivated in California, and most of the world’s top research on the drug is being pioneered in the state that has been doing so for years. So, the world’s best weed and a state wide change in legalisation means that when some cannabis dispensaries open for business on the morning of January 1st, their customers will benefit directly from the wealth of research and experience there already is in the state of California’s marijuana culture.

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For a while now California has made it legal to use marijuana for medicinal purposes and many of these medical dispensaries will be able to also distribute their products retail as long as certain licenses are obtained. This will radically change the way the drug is bought and sold.

Consumers and retailers alike will benefit then from the passing of Proposition 64. One only wonders then how these changes will look once they take effect. These are the type of changes that will have widespread side-effects in the community as well as having many a new dispensary popping up all over the map. Marijuana culture does tend to change even with decriminalisation, such as can be seen in cities like Amsterdam. The full scope of how full legalisation will affect the state and its smokers and none smokers alike is yet to be seen, as the laws have only recently changed but it will be a large step in a direction never before taken by the state. Its seems then that it is always 4:20 in California

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  1. Avatar for Marry Marry December 5, 2017 / 5:29 pm / Reply

    The world’s best weed and a state wide change in legalization means that when some cannabis dispensaries open for business on the morning of January 1st, their customers will get benefit directly .

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