Marijuana Stocks Skyrocket in Canada

Marijuana Stocks skyrocket in Canada

Legalizing marijuana isn’t the only progressive move that the community is hoping to achieve. Another, more lucrative endeavor is for marijuana stocks to go public. This is exactly what Canada has managed to do. Much to the surprise and delight of cannabis supporters, this move was more successful than expected.

It all started with one cannabis company. Aurora Cannabis is a marijuana producer and distributor based out of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. This company harvests some of the most premium marijuana that you can find. The secret is in the land that the Aurora Cannabis has secured. Tucked away in the mountains is over 44 acres of rich land that holds the 55,200 square foot facility.

Aurora Cannabis not only produces amazing product, they also cultivate and sell high quality cannabis. So there is no surprise that they would be leading the charge in the stock market. This company went public for trading in early 2017. So far, Aurora Cannabis stocks have skyrocketed at over 170%. In fact, the stock jumped over 27% in the past two days alone.

This unexpected jump has led many people to wonder why the stock is in such high demand right now. Speculations say that the reason the stock is doing so well is because it is one of the first of its kind. According to Cannaccord Genuity was mostly responsible for Aurora Cannabis’s success.

Cannaccord Genuity is a stock firm who made the genius decision to increase the target price per stock. By raising the stock price from $3.25 to $3.64, there was increased interest in the stock. Not only that, but the stock was solidified as serious investment opportunity.

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Buyers weren’t the only ones who were pleasantly surprised by the stocks success. Even Cannaccord Genuity didn’t foresee the stock’s share price hitting well above the price target range. However, skeptics are wondering if this new market has the stability to last. Like most things that are new and exciting, this stock might be destined for a short shelf life. However, this is unlikely to be the case.

In order for a cannabis investment to continue to be profitable, it has to show an increase in business. Luckily for investors, Aurora Cannabis shows no sign of slowing down. Since the company went public there has been a significant increase in patients. Their patients list has grown an astounding 18% in less than a year. This has allowed Aurora Cannabis to sell their superior product for 10% more than other cultivators. This continues to prove the point that customers are more likely to spend more for better product.

The sudden increase in interest in the company is also allowing them to expand the way they cultivate and distribute their product. Recently the company was able acquire a license for indoor cultivation. This means that soon Aurora Cannabis will be able to grow indoors as well as outdoors. This is huge news for a farm based out of the mountains where winters can be cruel. This means that soon Aurora Cannabis can expect high quality product all year round.

As far as investors are concerned, buying Aurora Cannabis stocks is a no brainer. Unlike other businesses that tend to waiver after going public, Aurora Cannabis is doing to opposite. They are continuing to find new ways to take care of their patients. By evolving to the needs of their community and patients, Aurora Cannabis is securing their place in the market. While this year has proven to be profitable, the only direction for Aurora Cannabis Stocks to go is up.

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