Medical Marijuana for Arthritis Pain

Evidence shows that Medical Marijuana can be a great treatment for Arthritis Pain

.There are numerous studies that suggest cannabis is effective in treating pain, specifically related to arthritis and similar conditions. A meta-analysis was carried out that included four random trails. This study was published while researchers also analyzed rheumatic diseases. Researchers found that cannabinoids which were taken orally (like cannabis oil) could actually show significant improvement in comparison to placebo affected patients. It was shown that Marijuana relieved suffering from pain in the musculoskeletal region. Patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis experience back pain and found significant positive changes from Marijuana. The authors of this research found that the effects were generally positive when the patient smoked medical marijuana.
Medical Marijuana For Arthritis Pain





In 2011, a British pharmacology study reviewed eighteen different studies of medical marijuana when taken orally and when smoked, safely and modestly, patients found positive effects on the neuropathic pain. Neuropathic pain is caused, due to the dysfunction in nerve fibers. The most amazing part of this review was, it provided hardcore evidence that medical marijuana was able to bring significant positive changes in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Moreover this study showed that patients with fibromyalgia were also relieved of their pain. Lack of sleep is also a common  factor in causing symptoms of arthritis. Medical marijuana for arthritis is a great option, as the medicine usually causes the patient to sleep.

Cannabis also can have significant effect in osteoarthritis. Since chronic joint pain is a common symptom in osteoarthritis, Marijuana really helps in the relief of such pain. The reason pain is relieved with arthritis patient is because of the endocannabinoids, which enter very quickly into the joints. The endocannabinoids enter into the system through the joints in a very complex manner.  Hence, endocannbinoid help relieve pain and the body cannot naturally produce endocannabinoids on its own efficiently. Since cannabinoids are a major part of cannabis in the species, it can be summarized that when used for treating pain or symptoms, Marijuana is a wonderful ailment.  Phyto-cannabinoids are well received by the human body and the receptors and the endocannabinoid enter easily into the human body. It was found in another study that injecting cannabinoids in the joints, blocked certain enzymes, thereby relieving the patient of chronic joint pain.

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Other than these studies there are more studies that suggest that medical marijuana for arthritis is effective treatment.  Marijuana can ease inflammation as well as other symptoms. It was found the in-vitro marijuana and herbal marijuana are both capable of suppressing inflammation.

How can medical marijuana for arthritis be taken?

The most effective way of getting all the benefits of medical marijuana for arthritis is by smoking the plant, most studies suggest. But here are a few other ways you can use Medical Marijuana

  • Vaporized marijuana: in this case marijuana is vaporized  and the consumer still receives a majority of the THC and Cannabinoinds
  • Liquid in the form of extract
  • Eaten in the form of candies or even cookies
  • Concetrates in the form of Wax, Kief or Crystals

Most studies have revealed  huge benefits from using medical marijuana and further studies are yet to reveal only more practical medical uses.

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