Medical Marijuana for Asthma

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Asthma is a common chronic disease which leads to chest tightness, wheezing, shortness of breath and coughing. Some Asthma patients describe their experience as painful.It can feel as if they are trapped inside their own prison. The patient’s lungs become constricted and you are not able to breathe properly. Asthma patients get panicky and then it becomes even more difficult for them to breathe freely. To overcome this problem, inhalers are used as a temporary relief. Many Asthma patients are looking for some permanent medical relief to their symptoms. Asthma patients would be glad to know that medical marijuana can be a permanent relief for the symptoms of Asthma.

History of Medical Marijuana for Asthma Treatment

Studies have shown the positive effects of medical cannabis or marijuana on asthma patients. Smoking medical marijuanaor cannabis can condense the niggling symptoms of asthma patients and provides the desired relief to the patient. Medical marijuana has been consumed for treating asthma for hundreds of years. The medicinal properties of medical marijuana were discovered by aChinese Emperor named Shen Nung in early 2700 BC. And it was used to treat glaucoma and asthma at that time. Medical marijuana can be effectively used to quash the painful symptoms of an asthma attack.

How Does Medical Marijuana Work to assist Asthma patients?

Medical Marijuana For Asthma

Asthma causes the constriction of lungs leading to chest tightness and shortness of breath. Medical marijuana has a substance named THC, which has a power to widen the airways in the lungs, while keeping you relaxed. And this way, oxygen flows freely as the airways in the lungs react favorably to THC. So, Medical Marijuana is a best remedy to cure asthma patients and can change the painful life of being an Asthma patient completely. Excessive consumption of medical marijuana can lead to severe health effects like paranoia, panic attacks or anxiety, hallucinations and distressing emotional states etc. Be careful while consuming marijuana for asthma as too much ingestion,can be harmful. Overdoses of medical marijuana causes dizziness, sleepiness, low blood pressure, dry mouth and disturbed heart functioning. Those who don’t want to smoke marijuana can switch to vaporizing the medical cannabis or taking the pill, as it will keep you away from the harmful smoke.

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9 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana for Asthma”

  1. Very helpful. I am looking for this kind of information. My cousin is Asthma patient. I am finding consultant. Hope I will ask for the marijuana to the doctor.

  2. I Have experienced it. It really works. My cousin suffer a lot. Afer getting suggestion i have tried Pot for the azthma. Now he is much better :) :D <3

  3. I am reading all these site and becoming fan. Here is kind kind of information about diseases and cure of the diseases. Thanks :)

  4. so what helps with asthma smoking marijuana doesn’t really help me too much do you have any other form that helps

    1. I would suggest traditional Asthma medicines, if smoking Marijuana isnt helping or perhaps using a Volcano Vaporizer, when smoking. Thanks for your great message

  5. Handful smoke? Studies show chronic cannabis smokers have less lung cancer than nonsmokers. Certainly vaping doesn’t have the carcinogens and would be safer, but is the smoke harmful?

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