Medical Marijuana and Multiple Sclerosis

medical marijuana in multiple sclerosis

The role of medical marijuana in multiple sclerosis is questioned umpteen of times. The effectiveness and power marijuana in treating aliments remained a very complex question. The crown of the flower, also known as cannabis, is the part of the plant used for general consumption of marijuana. Research has found that marijuana does possess the power to reduce the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, pain, ataxia, anxiety and depression and spasticity in multiple sclerosis patients. As you are reading this article, alternative treatments for multiple sclerosis are under research.  Many doctors are finding marijuana act’s well, as a treatment; as found in various clinical trials by many different institutions. Patients suffering from multiple sclerosis neuro-degeneration are often observed by doctors and various studies have found that marijuana can even slow the rate of neuro-degeneration.

Effects of Multiple Sclerosis?

To understand in depth, the effectiveness of  medical marijuana in multiple sclerosis one must understand a brief history on what multiple sclerosis is and does to the human body. It’s an auto immune disease, in which the myelin layer, which is a sheath covering the nerve fiber in brain, is attacked and damaged by the body’s immune system. This damaged sheath turns into scar tissue and over time can lead to sclerosis. Patients suffer from various symptoms of this disease. Patients also suffer from relapses and remissions as long as the disease is present. Patients have a choice of using medical marijuana in multiple sclerosis to relieve pain and the symptoms of degeneration of their neurons in their system.
The use of marijuana helps in alleviating the symptoms of multiple sclerosis including pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, spasticity, numbness and more. Through much medical research it was found that out of 112 patients that were kept under observation, almost eighty percent of the patients had shown improvement in symptoms like; Multiple Sclerosis, exhibiting a significant reduction in spasticity, pain, depression, anxiety and more. A meta-analysis conducted in the year 2007, was conducted  for the treatment of neuropathic pain in patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, it was concluded that cannabinoids of medical marijuana in multiple sclerosis had shown significant positive changes in symptoms. In another report in 2008 presented at the world congress on pain, the report stated that patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, when treated with medical marijuana, had reduced pain and spasms.

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Is medical marijuana a good idea for Multiple Sclerosis patients?

There are four stages in Multiple Sclerosis including relapsing-remitting, primary and progressive stage, secondary and progressive stage and lastly the progressive relapsing stage. All of these patients face severe symptoms of pain and spasms. Most of the patients may face more than one symptom. Patients of Multiple Sclerosis and studies have found that marijuana can indeed reduce the symptoms of pain and inflammation. Many believe it’s a great idea to include medical marijuana, with the common treatments of multiple sclerosis. Patients are recommended to consult with their doctors, before using Medical Marijuana; to reduce the progression of pain.

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