Medical Marijuana Santa Barbara

Medical Marijuana

In the Santa Barbara area, medical marijuana is not as accessible as it is in other parts of the state of California. There seems to be different zoning laws in different cities that regulate the construction of dispensaries, as well as the legal distribution of marijuana products. In Santa Barbara, as of 2015, only one dispensary has been approved in the outskirts of the city; with about two more applications for marijuana dispensaries pending. Even at that, the cultivation of marijuana, as well as the membership of people who consume the products and the financial records are all maintained and inspected by the City Staff.

In January alone, the Santa Barbara City Council voted to ban the commercial growth of medicinal marijuana. While people are allowed to grow up to 100 square feet of medical marijuana for personal use; qualified patients can also buy medical marijuana from the three dispensaries permitted in the city of Santa Barbara. But with this law, dispensaries are prohibited from growing marijuana by themselves so the operators of dispensaries purchase their products from outside of the city and then bring it back to sell in Santa Barbara.

Even caregivers are prohibited from growing medical marijuana for their patients; all of this is in an effort by the city to ban individuals from growing medical marijuana for commercial purposes. While people believe that it is a backward practice, the councillors believe that is a fair practice as other people have banned dispensaries completely but the city of Santa Barbara allows for the operation of three dispensaries, so they believe it is a fair bargain. While it is difficult to purchase marijuana in Santa Barbara, there are still ways to get easy access to medical marijuana in the state of California. You could always get it delivered to your doorsteps.

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