The Medical Marijuana Strains 2014

There are a variety of medical marijuana strains that have been quite popular in relieving stress and providing a relaxing sensation in 2014. Here are some of the top and most debated marijuana strains of the year.

The Jilly bean marijuana strain

Jilly Bean

This is a strain that offers a sweet flavor with a fruity bud that tastes very close to pineapples and jelly beans. The orange velvet strain of cannabis was crossed with space queen strain of cannabis to produce the Indica variety of this strain. This strain does have a lot of sticky resin and is of a dark green; resembling the forest color with a few red hair strands here and there. This provides the smoker with a rich flavor and a great light-headed feeling. It is sometimes used to treat unceasing pain and relieves stress as well and is mostly used in daytime.

Ingrid strain of marijuana


This is an Indica dominant hybrid. This strain is produced after crossing the UK Cheese strain and the hash plant strain. This strain has an instant effect on the user. This strain is not easy to come across and is hence very popular. This growth of this strain is favored when done indoors but can be grown outdoors. This strain smells very earthy. It’s mostly used for relief from pain or dealing with sleep trouble.

The blue crack strain

Blue crank

Another popular strain among the medical marijuana strains is the blue crack strain which is originally a hybrid with the dominant being sativa. It’s a hybrid produced when blue dream is crossed with green crack strain. Users have an opinion as this being a very energetic strain and great for beating procrastination unlike some that makes the user a slouch on the couch.  The aroma that this strain provides is of blueberry and tastes similar to it. It works well for daytime use.

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The chocolate chunk marijuana strain


It’s a pure indica strain and is the best for a couch lock or having early long naps. Works well if there is trouble with sleeping. This strain flowers almost in 55 days. This strain sticks to the classic earthy flavor. It’s also great for relieving pain besides dealing with insomnia.

The purple dragon marijuana strain

Purple Dragon

This strain is originally a hybrid with indica dominance but, has a lot of sativa characteristics as well. This strain is a hybrid of the blue dragon strain crossed with the purple urkle strain. This strain roughly has about 25 percent of THC and actually has very less effect of couch lock, unlike other indica dominant strains.   This strain among other medical marijuana strains has pain relieving property and deals with stress as well.

These are some of the most trendy medical marijuana strains that are being used in 2014. These are also great for beginners to experiment with different flavors of marijuana.

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